Burn off Pandemic Pounds with a Desk Treadmill or Bike

Posted by Doug Herman on Jan 4, 2021 7:55:46 AM




While not nearly as fun as the Freshman 15, the Quarantine 15 is just as real. And now that we’re all older and wiser, we know it’s harder to take off the pounds than just laying off the beer. We need to move—and move more than just standing rather than sitting.

In the spirit of New Year, New You, let me suggest a proven investment: Add a treadmill or bike to a shared workstation. Take turns throughout the day—on break or on shift—and amp up the energy, creativity and productivity in your center. Not to mention that increasing physical activity helps prevent type-2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, indigestion and more.

But wait, won’t people lose focus, get hurt, hate the noise? Glad you asked. At Xybix, we’ve been using and selling treadmills and bikes at our desks for a while, and we’re happy to share answers to all your questions.

  1. Are the health and wellness claims legit?
  2. What’s it really like to peddle or walk while working?
  3. What about focusing on work?
  4. Is this a good investment?
  5. Are the treadmills and bikes safe?
  6. Will people actually use it?
  7. Can you easily move the bike or treadmill?
  8. Are they noisy?
  9. Do they break down?
  10. What do real users say?

That last question is key—what do real users say? A fundamental shift in culture, positivity on the rise, ability to deal with crises better than ever? Yes, please!

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