Treadmill Desks for 911 Communications Centers - Better Health While You Work

Posted by Barry Carson on Dec 18, 2013 10:14:00 AM
Barry Carson

BetterHealthXybixIt's time to get healthy at work!

Almost a year ago, the Xybix team was strategizing about the future of work in a 24/7 environment. We have been talking with people from Call Takers up to Communication Directors to learn what they would change in their furniture to help them be more comfortable and productive. When reviewing the data, we found a new issue that had become a "hot topic" - meeting departmental health goals

One of the challenges of being in public safety position, is that you always are available to help those in need; which often times means that personal and internal health goals are pushed to the way-side. After a long 12+ hour shift, the demands of family and daily life, it's nearly impossible to find time to fit exercise into our busy schedules. 

Most communication centers have focused on encouraging and rewarding exercise outside of work to promote health. But, we questioned, "how can we help make everyday healthier without subtracting from a persons busy life schedule?" Everyone wants to be healthier but can feel trapped in the job requirements. 

Standing while working is one way to burn more calories at work. At Xybix, we integrated a gentle move reminder into our software to get people more standing time per day. Standing has health benefits that go beyond burning calories. But, what we were really looking for was an increase in calorie burn like that of a more vigorous motion.  

So we asked "Is it possible to workout at work?" "Can you still be efficient and effective while exercising?"

We set out to find out....


J.A. Levine a researcher at from the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN did a study to determine if people could work at computers while exercising. He set up workstations where people could work while walking on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike. The study results showed that it is possible to lose weight and improve health metrics. Then with loads of research in hand, Xybix started to feel like we could really be on to something!

The we asked "How well will this adapt to a 24/7 environment?"

There are a number of treadmill desks on the market today, but, they are all home/office duty grade and inadequate for a 24/7 environment. So the search began for heavy-duty equipment that could handle the rigors of multiple shift use and heavy weight capacities. With safety also being a primary concern, we were looking for equipment that had the ability to pause for an involved event without operator input. Xybix searched and searched, and even looked into manufacturing our own solutions.

We tested a few treadmill desk solutions and it wasn't long before a clear leader emerged. The feedback from all the Xybix employees who tested the equipment was positive. A posted sign-up sheet was added to the break room so we could schedule who got to use the bike or the treadmill every hour of the workday. Then, Xybix employees started wearing sneakers to work, snacks in the office switched to healthy alternatives. All the while creating a small shift in our mindset of what is possible at work - exercise and better health.

Xybix partners with LifeSpan Fitness

It is with much anticipation Xybix is proud to announce we have partnered with LifeSpan Fitness to bring better health to the 24/7 communications environment. LifeSpan has the quality, durability and features needed for users to keep moving at work and start moving towards better personal and departmental health goals. Xybix is the only in the industry to offer a treadmill desk and bike solution for 911 dispatch! Xybix's Health treadmill and bike integrate seamlessly with our ErgoPower workstations and are perfectly suited for the multiple shift 24/7 environment.  

It's time to start meeting your health goals, start having more energy and be better prepared to take that critical incident! It is possible and it is available for you TODAY!  

Xybix Health Treadmill

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