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Transforming your Health & Your 911 Dispatch Workstations for the New Year

Posted by Kathleen Babcook on Jan 2, 2014 4:00:00 PM


XybixHealthManonMachineWith each new bundle of research released about ergonomics at the workplace, we all get a little closer to the ideal physical and mental experience. The tasks of work might not change—let’s face it, the 911 calls keep coming in and you aren’t going anywhere—but NOW your work no longer has to feel so much like…work.

Consider this: Sitting for hours on end at the workplace has been linked to serious health risks. Prolonged stagnation, we now know, is measurably bad for workers. Research suggests that even 6,000-10,000 casual steps a day (or the equivalent moving around) can boost heart rates, burn calories, and result in improved energy, stamina and alertness.

Popular Mechanics recently assigned a reviewer to use a treadmill desk for an extended amount of time. He, like so many others, reported feeling increased energy throughout the day—not to mention the disappearance of the dreaded 3 p.m. lull. Elsewhere, people have noted (often with some surprise) how using a treadmill or bike-enabled desk doesn’t actually make typing or talking on the phone awkward; it’s a seamless adjustment.

Translation: People get obvious and measurable health benefits and are able to do their job better.

One important study even found that active workstations produce weight loss; it also supposed that the medium- and long-term health benefits of such a system could far outweigh the initial cost outlay of installing it.

The ADA, AHA and NIH say that Walking just 10,000 steps per day can:

  • Reduce the rate of Type II diabetes by 50% - American Diabetes Association
  • Reduce initial heart attack rate by 90% - American Heart Association
  • Reduce stroke rate by 70% - American Heart Association
  • Reduce cancer rate between 30 -70% National Institutes of Health

Today there are online groups of professionals who are eager to share their experience with active workstations and treadmill desks. (Try the Treadmill Desking Group on LinkedIn) These groups highlight the fact that treadmill desks are neither a temporary fad nor a trend lurking somewhere in the distant future—it’s here now.

XybixHealthRoomThis is why we are so excited to announce that: Xybix, starting this holiday season, is unveiling an industry-leading line of treadmill desks and bike stations for 911 dispatch centers. This will change the way organizations like yours do their important work. So make a New Year’s resolution for your company’s well-being (and productivity, and efficiency, and morale) by checking out the NEW Xybix Health features!

Xybix Health Treadmill

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