Treadmill and Bike Desks: A Real Review from a Dispatch Center Near You

Posted by Byron Sieber on Jul 30, 2014 10:05:00 AM


In May of 2013, Byron Sieber, Director, had eight Xybix consoles installed in the Red River Regional Dispatch Center in Fargo, ND. Recently, Byron purchased a treadmill and bike from Xybix to incorporate into their Dispatch Center. We asked Byron to give us honest feedback about his experience with the treadmills and bikes. Here is what Byron had to say:
We have had the new Xybix treadmill and bike deployed for a little over a week now. To make sure both the treadmill and the bike worked properly, I set them up in my office the first couple of days, while we drafted the Guidelines and Waiver form. These are guidelines are to be signed by employees who intend on using the equipment. The guidelines include; equipment precautions, max speed allowed, work performance and other user responsibilities. The waiver must then be signed by participants and users must agree to use the treadmill and bike at their own risk, releasing the Dispatch Center from any and all liability. (Here are the Guidelines and Waiver form Red River Regional Dispatch Center used).

Xybix_Treadmill_ConnectionsAs a suggestion to the manufacturer of the treadmill and bike, LifeSpan Fitness. Byron suggested that it may be better to have the electronic connections on the side of the treadmill. We noticed right away that they stick out a little too far thus making it necessary to use care in moving the treadmill from station to station. If someone were to tilt it up on the two wheels too far, it seems as though you may damage one or both connections. To help us mitigate this we placed a 90 degree connector onto the port prior to deployment. (see picture)

Byron finished his review by saying; recent studies have shown the negative health effects of sitting too long. It has even been said that “sitting is the new smoking”. We are excited that with these two pieces of equipment, dispatchers now have the option to change their health, for the better. The employees have really enjoyed having the ability to get some exercise while they are tethered to their desk job for 10 hours at a time. Therefore we feel that the equipment is going to be a great investment. Even my Board of Authority members were impressed when I showed them the treadmill and bike at the last bi-monthly meeting. 

Xybix Health Treadmill

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