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I was recently brought on to the Xybix team in August of 2014. Xybix has the coolest products (the customers love them!), the leadership is competitive and is very forward thinking, and I’m excited to help lead the sales team to new levels of success. I'm a competitive person who loves having fun with friends. I grew up in Nebraska (farm kid & a Husker!), I married when I was 20, worked for my father's company, and then moved to Waxahachie TX to go to college for a leadership degree (as a Youth Pastor). Later, I lived in Austin, TX then Denver, CO (in '88). I lost my wife and 2-yr old daughter in 1991, leaving me with my son. I later remarried (Stephanie) and we have 4 kids; Josh (29), Bri (20), Luc (17), and Kate (7 - our wonderful adopted daughter from China). I enjoy anything to do with water (scuba, fishing, skiing and swimming) and I love good stories (movies, series, or books). I enjoy home improvements and love to use my creative and problem-solving skills in a variety of sales, marketing, leadership, and business settings. I also love movies or mini-series (all Marvel movies and of course favorite movie of all time is “Tombstone”. My TV series favs are; Game of Thrones, Justified, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Dexter, Merlin, and Arrow)

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The Best Value vs. Lowest Price: A Deep Dive into Dispatch, Healthcare, and Utilities Desks

Posted by Doug Herman on May 22, 2024 7:33:42 AM

Building or remodeling the space for the lifeblood of an organization is a serious investment in material goods and services along with employee health and morale. Critical functions take place around the clock at 911 dispatch centers, radiology imaging rooms, telemetry labs, utilities and transportation control centers, and the like. The professionals who work there need spaces and desks designed for their specialized equipment and 24/7 operations.

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Dispatchers: Make Your Health a Priority with Easy Stretches

Posted by Doug Herman on Apr 26, 2024 9:29:40 AM

Long shifts and stressful work result in muscle tension that follows you home in form of headaches and body aches. To help, Certified Personal Trainer and Xybix North Central Territory Manager, Jhovana Cervantes, demonstrates a variety of practical stretches that dispatchers can easily do at their desks or on break. 

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Topics: Employee Health, Dispatch, Fun & Morale, Brief Overview

Beyond the Desk: Why Xybix Focuses on Furniture Systems

Posted by Doug Herman on Apr 4, 2024 7:53:00 AM

At Xybix, we hear—and throw around—a lot of terminology for what you might call a “desk.” Dispatch consoles, healthcare workstations, imaging desks. But no matter what they’re called, the desks are part of an entire furniture system that is customized to each customer’s needs. It's one of the main reasons our name is "Xybix Systems."

We’re not pulling a premade desk off a shelf. We’re designing, manufacturing, and installing the desks, computer cabinets, bookshelves, panel systems, lighting, and more that all work together to create a healthy and productive workplace. Plus, thanks to our degreed and experienced interior designers, the room is not only going to look exceptionally cool, but it is going to function well systemically.

If you’re thinking, “Whoa, this is more than I need,” never fear. Our experts in dispatch, transportation, utilities, security surveillance, and healthcare, work with you to figure out what you need for your project, whether it’s 1 desk or 100 desks, bare bones or with all the bells and whistles.

Read on for how the system approach ensures that everything works together, right away and for years to come.

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How Much Is a Dispatch Desk in 2024?

Posted by Doug Herman on Jan 31, 2024 7:15:38 AM

Let me get right to the point: A desk suitable for dispatch, known as a console, will cost somewhere in the range of $18,000 to $28,000 with shipping and installation. Yes, that is as much as a used car—and the reason for that is the specific needs the consoles meet and the amount of time they last under constant use. Let’s take a deeper look.

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5 Xybix Innovations that Improve Jobs in Dispatch, Healthcare, Surveillance, and More

Posted by Doug Herman on Jan 3, 2024 7:40:59 AM

A core value at Xybix is innovation, and boy have we been busy this year. Our owners, salespeople, designers, and engineers are constantly talking to people in the industries we serve to learn about challenges, trends, and current and future needs. (That’s why we hit all the premier trade shows.) Then we go back to our manufacturing facility, brainstorm, experiment, and come up with myriad ways to surprise you, delight you, and serve your needs.

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Brown County 911 Shares the Difference a Desk Makes

Posted by Doug Herman on Dec 20, 2023 7:23:02 AM

Xybix recently helped Brown County Public Safety Communications team replace its decades-old furniture with modern ergonomic consoles sporting innovative features such as app-controlled personalized lighting and climate controls along with under-desk exercise equipment.

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Dispatchers Dish on Benefits of New Desks

Posted by Doug Herman on Nov 29, 2023 7:18:25 AM

At Xybix, we’re happy to share with you all the cool features of our ergonomic sit-to-stand dispatch consoles. Our consoles are packed with tried-and-true basics plus innovative new options designed specifically for the long hours and stressful shifts that dispatchers typically experience. But we know it’s better for you to hear it straight from other dispatchers, so we talked to a few employees at Aurora 911 after a significant remodel that included new Xybix consoles, a new layout from a Xybix designer, and new paint and carpeting.

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6 Products, Tips, and Studies for Dispatch Centers

Posted by Doug Herman on Oct 25, 2023 7:30:14 AM

Over the last few months, various news stories have caught my eye because of their relevance to dispatch centers. My first takeaway from these stories is the importance of attention to detail in everything from mats to lighting to ergonomics. And my second takeaway is that sitting for long hours is no good for any of us! Read on for details.

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Dispatch Consoles 10 Years Later

Posted by Doug Herman on Oct 18, 2023 7:44:00 AM

With the 24/7/365 use, the moving parts, and the bells and whistles, do dispatch consoles last more than 10 years? For high-quality dispatch consoles, they not only last more than a decade but can still look like new and perform at their best. Recently, Xybix checked in on a client, the Onondaga County 911 Center, for feedback on their 10-year-old consoles. Four dispatchers with a combined 43 years of experience serving one of the largest counties in New York State shared their thoughts in video.

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Lockers Boost Morale in Dispatch Centers

Posted by Doug Herman on Sep 14, 2023 8:21:09 AM

Think about how edgy you feel when you leave your phone in the car or plug it in a few feet away at, say, a coffee shop. Imagine if your belongings were always out of your possession like this, while you’re busy taking critical dispatch calls. This is where personal lockers come in—and they offer plenty of other benefits as well.

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