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Frequently Asked Treadmill Desk Questions

Posted by Kathleen Babcook on May 7, 2014 10:51:54 AM


Frequently Asked Treadmill Desk Questions

Xybix has received countless questions from inquiring minds about the LifeSpan treadmills and bikes. To help answer these questions, Xybix President Barry Carson made this informative video. But, if that isn't enough, we've rounded up two of the most popular questions we have received and answered them below!

What if I don't have a treadmill? Can I still get healthier?

Of course you can! Anyone can make simple changes to benefit their overall health! Xybix North East Territory Manager Joanna Pease recently wrote a great article on How to Burn Extra Calories at Your Desk Job. In the article, Joanna describes five simple ideas to help you get healthier while at work.

If those tips aren't enough, check out the blog on Healthy Habits for 911 Dispatchers and Public Safety Professionals, dedicated to those who don't have the luxury of leaving their desks for an extended period of time. 


What if my manager thinks the treadmills or bikes are a liability?

We hear this question a lot. While the treadmill and bike can be liabilities, there are several safety features built into each machine to ensure user safety. If you still need more assurance check out the sample waiver and release form you can use for your center.

Treadmill Safety Features

  1. The treadmill starts at an extremely slow pace of .4 MPH after a visual countdown on the display console of 3...2...1...0.

  2. The treadmill has a safety clip (which attaches to the user) that slows and stops the treadmill if removed from the display console.

  3. The treadmill max speed is 4MPH (which I consider a fast enough walk that you need to move your arms). But, this can be altered to a slower set speed if desired.

  4. There is a "stop" button located on the display console that users can push to stop the machine if they so choose.  When pressed, the treadmill belt will then come to a slow and gentle stop.

  5. On either side of the treadmill is grip-tape, so users can simply step off the belt and within 20seconds, the belt will slow and then stop.

Bike Safety Features

  1. The bike has safety clips on each of the feet, keeping users from slipping or getting stuck.

  2. Starting at "0" resistance, users can control the resistance of the bike by pressing the "up" button on the display console.

  3. To stop the bike - simply stop pedaling.

As with any changes in your work environment, a treadmill or bicycle desk can take some getting used to. However, when properly operated, these machines will not only help to improve overall productivity, but also ensure happy and healthier employees! 

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