Thinking About Buying Dispatch Furniture? 6 Signs That Point To YES!

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Perhaps you’ve been noticing that your current work space just isn’t what is used to be. Maybe the furniture is beginning to show some breakdown, or perhaps the style is simply outdated and unpleasant to look at. Even worse, maybe your colleagues are hunched over the desks and operating their jobs in uncomfortable positions. And they’re telling you about it. (Image via GIPHY)

When thinking about new dispatch workspaces, here are some helpful questions to ask when thinking about the next 2 years of your comm center:

  1. Are you adding any significant updates or equipment ?
  2. Are you outgrowing your current space?
  3. Will you be consolidating, or moving to a new building?
  4. Will you be receiving grant money or special funding?
  5. Are your dispatchers complaining about their stress levels or comfort?
  6. Do you have a vision for a more durable, comfortable, and beautiful workspace?

Ok, let’s put all this on hold for just a second, and discuss the 2-year time frame mentioned earlier.

Why 2 years? As a general rule of thumb, dispatch furniture is custom. There are many variables in finding workstations that are optimal for the space and for your specific needs. Since everything is custom, and to ensure accuracy, it is recommended to meet with a sales representative who can discover your current situation and your future vision. This process would also include a thorough measurement of the space. To ensure that everything is done right the first time, 2 year time frame is crucial.

Here is a typical breakdown of the timeline for the furniture buying process. Please note: these are suggested time allowances, and can vary.

  1. Vision Meeting & Measurement (Time: 1-4 weeks) – a meeting between you and the territory manager to uncover your needs, wants, and dreams, and measure your space.
  2. Custom Interior Design Process (Time: 3 weeks to 2 years)
    1. New space? Discuss square footage needed for furniture with architect or project manager.
    2. Existing space? (Time: 1-12 months) Skip to “3”.
    3. Preliminary Custom Design (Time: 2 weeks from initial vision meeting)
    4. Design Review and Revision(s) (Time: 3 weeks to 1 year) This process means getting feedback from all parties and ensuring due diligence has happened and all your needs are met.
  1. Procurement (Time: 1 week to 6 months) Going out to bid? Purchase off of a contract? Sole sourcing?
  2. Finish Selection (Time: 1-4 weeks) Oh, all the pretty colors! (Look squirrel!)
  3. Purchase Order and Sign Off’s (Time: 1-4 weeks)
  4. Production (Time: 8 weeks+) Be sure to check with your furniture manufacturer on their specific lead time.
  5. Installation (Time: 2-30 days) Dependent on size of project.

Again, every project is different. Sometimes, from start to finish it might only take 4 months, and other times it can take up to 4 years. Start to planning for your project now! The more prepared you are the more seamless your project will go!

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