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Posted by Doug Herman on Jun 12, 2016 7:00:00 AM


Expand.jpgThe recent growth at Xybix has caused us to expand our design team, and we just recruited and hired another interior designer, which is much different than my pursuit of a sales professional!

As I began the recruiting process, I had to wonder what exactly determines the quality of a good designer, specifically as it applies to our customers. I asked several people, queried our design team, and even took behavioral assessments to help find the right person. The good news? I found three qualified candidates (but only one got the offer)!  Kristine Rouse is our newest team member. Now that she's a part of the Xybix Team, you’ll get to see some of her amazing work in your future projects.

How did we choose the right person for you though? I mean, isn’t that the point? Since you spend hours together with our designer(s), we hire based on what you’d want. This is a complex process that involves using the rule of three, and it really boils down to these three items: fit, function, and performance (sound familiar?).

Fit – Xybix is a family business, and we want our employees to feel like family, as it’s important that the team interviews and finds synergy together.

So, how does this help you? Well, when one designer is buried in RFPs and a project is due, they work together to level the workload. You get quality and the best of several minds. The better the fit of the designer, the smoother the process of managing your project becomes.

Function – How a designer does their job is as important as how quickly they get work done or how defined the skills are that they possess. Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) is the concept that many designers learn in school. Many times students lean towards the colors, finishes, or artistic side of design, and while our team has this knowledge, they are much stronger in space planning and project management.

It’s critical that they provide you with designs that align with your workflow, ADA compliances, and egress concerns. Architects who lean on our team’s expertise quickly find we make their plans better. After all, the designer who works on your project is a professional with space planning knowledge instead of a field rep who’s trying to sell to you.

PerformanceYou want that drawing back…when?  Sure, a standard 10 business day lead time may seem long, but we don’t drop blocks into a room and call it “quality.” We truly pour time and effort over your layout – it’s why our territory managers visit and take precise measurements – to find the best and most economical solutions. No other dispatch furniture company designs to the quality we do. (And yes, we find we can still manage short turnarounds or rushed demands if needed). Your designer will create plans that you request, usually in the budget you provide, within the time frame you specify.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of what separates a great designer from an average one. Here at Xybix, we’re proud to assert that all of our designers are truly exceptional, and if you’d care to see for yourself, take a moment to review our team and their bios. We take time to find and hire the best simply because we believe your project deserves it!

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