The Last Word(s) in Ergonomics

Posted by Doug Herman on Jul 20, 2021 7:26:20 AM



Sitting still has never been my thing. I’ve worked in sales, I’ve been a professional speaker and I dabble in local theater. None of these jobs involve 8 to 12 hours tied to a desk and staring at monitors. So I didn’t immediately appreciate the Xybix focus on ergonomics. I loved the sit-to-stand concept—which gives me the chance to practice my tap dancing under the desk—but the other ergonomic features didn’t hit home until the Carson family described them in terms of preventing pain.

In my 7 years with Xybix, I’ve learned how the proper ergonomic setup not only protects your body from short- and long-term pain but improves health and productivity. And I learned from the best. Xybix cofounder Dave Carson is a founding member of the review committee for the American National Standards Institute’s ergonomic standard, and brothers Barry and Kenny Carson live and breathe ergonomics. Kenny shares his insights in this entertaining series of ergonomic stories that tell you just about everything you need to know when shopping for or setting up new workstations.

In the series, you’ll see how thoughtful design, innovate features and simple adjustments work together to keep you alert, comfortable and pain free. To see a few tips in action, check out the Carson brothers' ergonomic videos on our YouTube channel.


Topics: Employee Health, Ergonomics, Design, Brief Overview