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As one of the owners at Xybix, Ken joined the Xybix team right after graduating from the University of Denver in 1993. With a degree in International Studies and no knowledge of furniture or dispatch Ken hopped in with both feet. With an always growing passion for the industry, Ken was able to learn a little bit of everything and has helped Xybix grow into the company it is today.

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How Dispatch Console Manufacturers Partner with Architects

Posted by Ken Carson on Jul 10, 2024 12:19:38 PM

Most dispatch console manufacturers—including Xybix—are expert with the shoehorn. We help PSAPs and operation centers add or replace consoles as needed, and our designers work with the center to make it all fit. We love the creativity that goes into this process, and we’re happy to be involved in any upgrade or remodeling project.

That said, when console manufacturers get the chance to be involved from the inception of a project, we jump! For a new center—not hampered by tight spaces or weird columns—we can employ all our innovative technologies and years of experience in creating functional and inviting floor layouts. Plus, we bring the expertise in the unique needs of dispatch centers to the architects and interior designers involved in the project. Read on for details.

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Why IT Access Matters to 911 Dispatch Centers

Posted by Ken Carson on Jun 19, 2024 7:38:47 AM

Well-designed dispatch consoles are so sleek that it’s easy to wonder where the computers go. For most people, it doesn’t really matter until the computer breaks or needs an upgrade. Then you care how fast IT can take care of it, and IT certainly cares about having to crawl around the floor or squeeze behind a heavy desk.

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How to Furnish a Backup 911 Dispatch Center

Posted by Ken Carson on Jun 12, 2024 7:19:17 AM

Backup 911 call centers used to be bare bones—just enough to get the dispatchers up and running at a moment’s notice. These days, PSAPs are starting to build more robust backup centers, likely due to the increasing frequency of extreme weather events. Whatever the cause of this trend, creating a space with a similar setup helps PSAPs remain mission ready and maintain response times, no matter where they are located.

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How to Raise Morale in 911 Dispatch

Posted by Ken Carson on Jun 5, 2024 7:24:57 AM

In the 15 years that I’ve been sharing my thoughts and knowledge through our Xybix blog, our most popular blogs are consistently on boosting morale in dispatch. People are thirsty for information on this topic—likely because high morale at a 911 comms center is proven to improve the quality and efficiency of work, job satisfaction, and employee retention while decreasing absenteeism and burnout. (And, I like to think, because making people happy in their jobs is the right thing to do.)

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Why IT Access Matters to Radiology Reading Rooms

Posted by Ken Carson on May 29, 2024 7:32:51 AM

Monitors and computers are critical to the work of radiologists, which means that imaging desks need to carefully handle that equipment. This includes providing easy access for IT, so they can quickly swap out a computer or monitor as needed. 

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How Lighting Is Part of Your Work Climate

Posted by Ken Carson on May 8, 2024 7:55:48 AM

Our customers are always happy to share how much they appreciate the control that we give them over their personal climate. And this doesn’t just mean heating and cooling—it also means lighting. In fact, thoughtful lighting design and controls have been proven to improve morale, health, productivity, energy efficiency, and more. According to Green Bee Energy Efficiency consulting firm:

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What is the Best Dispatch Desk?

Posted by Ken Carson on Feb 21, 2024 7:25:29 AM

How often do you google “What’s the best…?” Every time you shop for something unfamiliar, I’m guessing. And shopping for dispatch desks usually falls into that unfamiliar territory. After all, the desks last a long time—10 to 20 years—and they’re not exactly advertised on TV. Unless you intentionally keep up with innovations in the technical furniture industry, the Google machine is often your best hope to start researching the desks.

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Beyond the RFP: Purchasing Options that Save Time and Money

Posted by Ken Carson on Jan 17, 2024 7:11:52 AM

Due diligence is required when purchasing office furniture designed for 24/7/365 mission-critical environments. The furniture is a significant long-term investment in your people, your customers, and your equipment. You want to get the purchase right.

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Xybix New Line of Healthcare Desks Fits Every Budget and Setting

Posted by Ken Carson on Nov 8, 2023 3:10:38 PM

At Xybix, one of our core values is to care for those who serve others. That’s why our desks exceed ergonomic standards, why we continue to innovate with new features such as AXYS, and why we developed our new line of healthcare desks. We wanted to expand access to ergonomic sit-to-stand workstations that help prevent musculoskeletal injuries and eyestrain while enhancing productivity and morale.

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Ergonomic Desks Create a Healthy Workplace for Radiologists

Posted by Ken Carson on Aug 30, 2023 7:11:56 AM

Ergonomics is one of the most important considerations when shopping for a radiology imaging desk. Radiologists and technicians often work long shifts—10 to 12 hours—interpreting images and reviewing patient cases. Radiologists come in all shapes and sizes, and the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional fixed-height desks poses significant ergonomic challenges. Maintaining proper ergonomics is crucial to preventing repetitive strain injuries and maintaining focus and productivity over these extended work periods.

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