Answers to Radiologists Top 10 Questions about Imaging Desks

Posted by Ken Carson on Jul 26, 2021 7:49:32 AM

We didn’t design our imaging desks in a vacuum here at Xybix. We visited reading rooms, checked out the equipment and talked to radiologists to learn about must-have, nice-to-have and simply delightful features. Then we designed those features into our imaging desks while providing a few cool touches of our own. Did we cover all the bases? We think so, and we tell you all about it in a series of 1-minute videos that provide answers to common questions.

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The Last Word(s) in Ergonomics

Posted by Doug Herman on Jul 20, 2021 7:26:20 AM

Sitting still has never been my thing. I’ve worked in sales, I’ve been a professional speaker and I dabble in local theater. None of these jobs involve 8 to 12 hours tied to a desk and staring at monitors. So I didn’t immediately appreciate the Xybix focus on ergonomics. I loved the sit-to-stand concept—which gives me the chance to practice my tap dancing under the desk—but the other ergonomic features didn’t hit home until the Carson family described them in terms of preventing pain.

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A New Look Connects Xybix to an Ever-Connected, Health-Conscious World

Posted by Barry Carson on Jul 6, 2021 8:09:16 AM

June 2021 marks the 30th year in business here at Xybix. The Carson family founded Xybix with the goal of enhancing the health and productivity of our valuable dispatch, command & control and healthcare workers with our ergonomic consoles. We’re proud to say that we’re continually meeting that goal while moving the goalposts to provide even better products to our customers. And we’re also proud that we’ve been able to provide so many stable jobs through the design, engineering and manufacturing of our high-quality, made-in-the USA products.

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100% Satisfaction with Xybix from York Poquoson Williamsburg 911 Center

Posted by Doug Herman on Jun 28, 2021 9:58:50 AM


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Owensboro-Daviess County Central Dispatch Makes the Job Easier with New Consoles

Posted by Doug Herman on Jun 28, 2021 9:58:26 AM


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The Cost of a Console: Gain 30 Years of Wisdom in 11 Minutes

Posted by Ken Carson on Jun 21, 2021 2:37:19 PM


We’ve been doing this for 30 years at Xybix. Does that make me feel old? Why yes, yes it does. It also makes me feel wise because I’ve learned a lot about ergonomic sit-to-stand consoles and how they enhance the health, happiness and productivity of dispatchers, who are literally the first responders to calls for help. I’ve learned what’s important to 911 centers in terms of features, quality and service. And I know how much that all costs.

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Get Your Share of American Rescue Plan Funds to Protect Employee Health & Safety

Posted by Doug Herman on May 24, 2021 2:04:36 PM


Ready to get Back in Black? If your tax base and funding took a hit during the pandemic—stalling much-needed projects—you may be in luck. The $1.9 trillion stimulus package passed in March includes $350 billion in pandemic recovery funds for state and local governments. According to the spending guidelines, upgrades to emergency dispatch center, command & control centers and healthcare environments likely qualify for these funds.

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Why Xybix: City of Cullman, Alabama, Emergency Dispatch Center Case Study

Posted by Ken Carson on May 17, 2021 4:05:19 PM


Xybix helped City of Cullman dispatchers introduce the promise of modern dispatch consoles to city leaders. The dispatchers can prove the consoles are worth the investment as plans for a new center has been discussed.

As a family business, Xybix is all about building relationships. Such was the case with Cullman, Alabama, and the emergency dispatch center’s need for a single console. With future growth plans on the horizon, the city was looking at a limited budget for an interim upgrade to accommodate additional call volumes and new equipment.

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Why CPU Placement Matters in Radiology

Posted by Mike Graham on May 17, 2021 4:04:25 PM


Remember way back in 2016 when the iPhone discontinued the headphone jack? “Wires are so over,” it seemed to pronounce to all of us busy untangling those white headphone wires. “Wireless is the future.”

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Introducing Xybix's New 10-Year Premier Plus Warranty

Posted by Ken Carson on May 3, 2021 2:36:54 PM


As an expression of confidence in the quality of our products, Xybix is upgrading our warranty to provide the best and most transparent protection in the industry. We now offer lifetime coverage on our manufacturing plus 10 years on everything else, all backed by our premier service. As always, our goal is to ensure that your mission-critical dispatch, command & control and healthcare workstations are at the ready at all times.

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