Your Timeline Infographic to Purchasing Dispatch Furniture

Posted by Doug Herman on Nov 7, 2018 3:46:43 PM


Dispatch Furniture InfographicPeople often come to us when they aren’t sure how long it will take to get new dispatch furniture. Having a timeline and knowing approximate dates can help make the process smooth from beginning to end. Having a timeline can also help to eliminate the guessing game of when to start looking for furniture and/or when to start asking your county for money or possibly preparing your agency’s budget for the next fiscal year.

Another great way a timeline can eliminate the stresses of getting new dispatch furniture is to help you work backwards. Let’s say your project HAS to be completed by a certain date.  With a timeline in place, you can let your purchasing department know that if they drag their feet on things like a PO, then it's possible the whole project could be delayed. Or maybe you are planning to go “live” in your new building on a specific date, this would mean that you'd need to have a signed PO by a minimum 10 weeks prior to "go live" date.

Again, having this sort of expectation and timeline eliminates the hassles, stress and time-crunch of completing such a large project.

While, the following can give you an estimated timeline, not all projects are the same. Please follow up or contact your specific territory manager for exact timelines, dates and details. 

Timeline to Purchasing Dispatch Furniture

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