The Best Long-Term ROI for your Dispatch Furniture Consoles

Posted by Ken Carson on Jan 4, 2019 4:13:11 PM


Good Investment - Dispatch FurnitureIf you're getting ready to purchase Dispatch Console Furniture, you will want to know that you are getting the best value or return on your investment (ROI). This is critical information for your your team and your taxpayers. Here is a quick guide on what to look for to make sure you are getting the most ROI for your dispatch consoles. 

  • Look for a manufacturer who builds everything in house. This does not mean that everything is built from scratch. Some components are better built by another company, for example all the dispatch manufacturers buy lift columns from Linak.  Linak is great at what they do and build a reliable product. But rather, what you should be looking for are companies who build their own console bases, work surfaces, cabinetry and have an in-house engineering team. Some companies in this industry farm these parts out.   

  • Get proof of BIFMA testing. BIFMA is the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association. They set testing levels for  durability and quality of the furniture consoles. Each major component part is tested by a third-party lab to an industry agreed upon standards. So make sure you ask for proof of the test results and pictures of each test. Don’t just believe that the manufacturer meets it, ask for proof.   

  • Seek superior ergonomics. This gets major ROI points for your team and helps to prevent workplace injuries and musculoskeletal problems.
    A few simple things to look for:
         - Height adjustment of the monitor surface MUST lower to 22” from the floor to 
            keep the dispatcher from tilting 
    their head back to see the monitors. This is even
            more important with two levels of monitors. 
        - Easy focal depth 
    adjustment of all the monitors with one easy pull. If you have 6
          different monitors on 6 different arms, the 
    likelihood of the dispatcher adjusting          each individually is greatly decreased.   

  • Choose high quality building materials. Look for a console base built with a combination of a hidden steel framework and a thick MDF material top which won't dent or chip like sheet metal commonly used throughout the industry. Next look for lift columns that can lift all your components without strain and also contains a built-in safety sensor for collisions. Avoid soft edges on the keyboard surface as they tend to tear and warp over time and can have an expensive replacement cost. Work surfaces that can easily be cleaned with bleach, ammonia, and other harsh cleaning materials is important to health and longevity.   

  • Future technology adaptability. The industry trend is going toward larger and larger monitors. Avoid monitor arms which will not work with monitors larger then the 42” range. Look for a console system in which you can easily add another level of monitors, and or upgrade to a 42” monitor when the time is right.   

  • Modularity in the product. Having this flexibility will let you change and move the consoles in the future. The consoles should be able to be disassembled into smaller components and moved to another location. Keeping in mind, that moving the main console part as one unit will speed up the process.   

  • Customer Service Team. You will need a strong customer service team that works with you. Let’s face it, dispatchers are hard on everything. Parts will break. When you needed it fixed you need to be able to talk with someone. Ask your neighboring 911 Dispatch Centers what consoles they have and how their customer service is. It may be surprising how many 911 Dispatch Centers have been abandoned by their supplier.   

Make sure you do your homework and spend some time researching to get the maximum dispatch console furniture ROI. Use this handy guide to help you make an informed purchase decision while keeping the end-user in mind.

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