One Way to Prevent the Great Resignation in Healthcare

Posted by Mike Graham on Aug 24, 2021 8:05:23 AM



Front-line workers in healthcare are simply burned out, and I don’t need to tell you why. Meanwhile, many of those in healthcare who could work from home did during the worst of the pandemic…and they’re not all that interested in going back. Experts are predicting that the Great Resignation, already alive and well in healthcare, will gain momentum in the fall.

The challenge for healthcare organizations is to retain your front-line workers while assuring your support staff that it’s safe—and desirable—to return to the office. What I’ve learned in my 23 years’ experience in healthcare is that the way to retain employees is to show you care. And one solid way to do that is a remodel that gives them a reason to show up to work. In fact, I think you can go beyond retaining employees to increasing morale and productivity at the same time. Here’s how.

Get Sit-to-Stand Desks

If stationary desks are still the norm, bring the art of movement to your office as your support staff and radiologists return. A highly adjustable desk that allows people to sit or stand in the proper ergonomic fashion is proven to increase performance and morale while decreasing fatigue and stress. Studies also show that sit-to-stand desks enhance productivity, engagement and overall health.

Revamp Your Space

As you work to engage your front-line employees and bring back support staff, take the opportunity to reconsider your workspace. According to Benefit News, “You have to define why you want someone physically there, so consider the office space that you have, and set it up in a way that's going to drive impact. Present it as an employee experience moment.” Ask yourself:

  • Does everyone still need a desk all the time? Or can you offer “hot desks” or “hotels” as employees stagger their in-office days? Does that free up money for some seriously cool sit-to-stand workstations?
  • Was the office setup even working for you, providing an efficient workflow and smooth communications?
  • Can you create a more welcoming environment color, décor and amenities such as a new breakroom? 

A good designer can help you put together a healthy, productive space that suits your workflow, builds morale and simply looks good.

 Make Multitasking a Reality with Desk Treadmills & Bikes

Most of the time, multitasking isn’t real—you’re just rapidly switching tasks. But you really can multitask with a treadmill or bike built into a shared console. Post a sign-up sheet or trade off during the day as even doctors and nurses can get the blood flowing while completing paperwork.

The exercise boosts serotonin levels and naturally regulates moods, which leads to feeling “more focused, emotionally stable, happier and calmer.” Happier employees can’t help but improve morale in the office, and morale/engagement levels are a strong predictor of employee retention.

Even if you’re not facing the Great Resignation, I truly believe that sit-to-stand consoles, remodeling and desk treadmills/bikes are a valuable investment in your people. Give us a call anytime to see how we can help with your dispatch center, office, radiology room or command & control center.


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