Xybix for Offices: A Tour of Greiner Electric

Posted by Ken Carson on Mar 22, 2021 8:09:49 AM




Xybix specializes in fitting the desk to the person and the tasks at hand, bringing an ergonomic focus that guarantees both efficiency and comfort. You can see this in action as Kenny walks you through the solutions we designed for key players at nearby Greiner Electric. Our designer worked with each employee on a sit-to-stand desk configuration tailored to his or her personal preferences and functional needs. Xybix was happy to provide everything from standard side returns, tables and cabinets to a fully custom desk.

As the Greiner Electric project shows, Xybix can provide smaller, more affordable desks for front-office needs in addition to our workhorse consoles designed for 24/7 use in demanding dispatch, command & control and healthcare environments. As with our consoles, the Xybix Office line exceeds all ergonomic standards and offers the same high-quality construction and superior service.

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