Never have bad Dispatch Furniture Customer Service - AGAIN!

Posted by Ken Carson on Feb 20, 2015 8:48:21 AM


Customer_ServiceWe all have had to call customer service. Personally, I usually dread the phone call due to all of the call tree options — press one for this... press two for that... I understand that it helps to speed up the process and send you to the right person, but I still find it annoying and cumbersome. Can’t a real person answer the phone? Then you wait on hold for however long it is. It always seems longer, but perception is reality. 

I have been through both good and bad customer service calls. I use T-Mobile for my cell phone along with some of our employees. T-Mobile had horrible customer service about three years ago. Ninety percent of the time, the person who answered the phone could not solve any technical problems. They would ask the same questions and go through their checklist. Then they would transfer me to the technical team, and I would wait again for help. To top it off, they were not very friendly.  

What does this have to do with dispatch furniture and you? As an owner of Xybix, I want to have the best customer service in the industry. I know the feeling 'I want my mobile phone to work now'! You want your furniture to work now because you need to do your job. I understand. 

Our goal is to get your workstation fixed and back up and running as soon as possible. As some of you know when you call Xybix, you usually get to talk to our Office Manager Inge Meyer, first. Not only is Inge a real person, she can’t help but be super nice and want to help you! The next step is our dedicated customer service team who is here to help with any issue. We have spare parts in inventory so they can ship them to you quickly. We have warranty service centers spread throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have several current dispatchers and ex-dispatchers working for us, so we do feel your pain when you call with an issue. 

Full disclosure here: yes, we do screw up sometimes. A few weeks ago we had a replacement part, which someone thought had shipped and it had not (you’ve heard this story before). One irate customer call later and we got the part out that next day. As an owner, I know about these mistakes and we correct them. I do empathize with you and I sure as heck know you want it fixed right.  

This all leads me back to my story about T-Mobile. Recently, T-Mobile hired a new CEO who created a new company culture which included; listening to complaints, doing something about it, and asking “how would I want to be treated?” 
I like this approach and as an owner of Xybix, please let me know the good and the bad as well as your ideas! This is how we can improve as a company!

I know everyone likes quick communication, so please tweet me. Yes twitter! It's simple, quick, and easy, just like a text. My twitter handle is @kencxybix. I will answer your questions, address your concerns and would love to hear from you! Finally, if you want to talk to a real person, call me at Xybix 800-788-2810 and Inge will be happy to give you my number.

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