6 Lessons From Mom on Extending the Life of Your Dispatch Workstations

Posted by Kathleen Utley on Nov 12, 2014 4:49:00 PM


MomsTipsWe all have Moms and some of us are even Moms ourselves. After some time (and I'll admit, after my teenage years) it struck me, that maybe we should listen to our Moms a bit more often. So, I want you to close your eyes and think of a time when your Mom has told you to do something or maybe NOT to do something. There! Got it…? Now, with that in mind, read these helpful tips on how you can extend the life of your dispatch workstations.

Wipe it down. Eating at your workstation can be a culprit of drink condensation rings, crumbs and more. Please wipe down the surface of your desk as well as the cabinet faces and pull handles. Next, give your mouse, keyboard and phone a quick wipe too. (Helps with the spread of germs) And while no one will blame you for eating at your desk, do make it a habit to wipe it down both before and after.

If it’s broken, fix it.
Often times, if something stops working, or isn’t working correctly, the problem will get ignored.  Ignoring it, not only adds to the problem, but creates an even bigger problem for the next person who comes to use the workstation after you. Now depending on the rules in your Comm Center, if the problem is a BIG one, report the problem to management immediately or at the end of your shift. If you simply need help and are not sure, call or email our Customer Service and they would be happy to help you with any number of workstation problems or concerns. Don't be afraid to call us, we are truly here to help! Don't let a small pebble become a boulder. 

Close the door. Didn’t your Mom tell you to “close the door” when you had left it open? A very common scenario is where a cabinet door gets left open and when the shift changes, maybe the workstation is in the standing position and the next person lowers it into the seated position, this person might inadvertently lower the workstation onto the open door, causing all sorts of problems. (and then you may even have to resort back up to the last paragraph, if it’s broken, fix it…YIKES)

Don’t put your feet on the couch. Same goes for your dispatch workstation. While it is a piece of furniture, it’s not really meant as a spot for your feet. Besides, your Mom would be disappointed you scuffed up the furniture with your sneakers.

If you’re not using it, turn it off. It’s simple, if you aren’t using your light(s) or the climate controls, etc. Turn them off. It’s very easy to extend the life of these comfort features just by turning them to the off position when they’re not in use.

Don’t play with your food. I’m sure just about all of our Moms have said this to us at one time or another. But, I’m not talking about food! I’m talking about what you do when you get bored. (That’s right – we KNOW…wink, wink!) When the late night shift boredom sinks in, the tendency is to doodle, play with your pen or maybe you pick at that spot on the desk that always snags your shirt. Well, in my best motherly voice “DON’T!” You’re desks will last longer if you leave them alone! What did they ever do to you anyway…?

Now, all you need to do is, thank your Mom for all the sound advice that you should have listened to long ago. Dispatch workstations, while not meant to last forever, usually stick around longer than we’d really like. So, let’s take care of them! Because as they always say – Mothers know best!


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