How much does a dispatch console or dispatch workstation cost?

Posted by Ken Carson on Mar 6, 2020 2:30:05 PM


3 Big Cost Questions, Answered

There’s been much written about dispatch furniture: why you need it, the health benefits and more. But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. If you’re just starting out as a purchaser of PSAP furniture, your first question is going to be, how much does it cost?

Read on for answers to this and other FAQs regarding dispatch furniture pricing.

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How much does new dispatch furniture cost?

It depends, but stay with me... It’s much like asking, how much does a car cost? Do you want upgraded features like a sunroof and AC? These three factors will influence the cost of your PSAP workstations:

  • Dispatch Center Layout – The size and shape of the room make a big difference. Designing within a simple, four-cornered room is pretty straightforward. A room with lots of columns, curved walls and pass-through windows, on the other hand, will require greater customization.
  • The Amount and Placement of Equipment per Workstation – A small call taker station with a handful of monitors and computers will cost less than a large supervisor station with eight monitors and four computers. Larger stations typically require more equipment, plus everything needed to support that equipment. 
  • The Number of Workstations Needed – The cost of install and freight per station decreases as you add stations.

To help you with budgeting, here are three tiers of price ranges to suit your PSAP needs. All pricing includes typical freight and install costs.

BASIC Dispatch Workstation:  $9,000-$12,000

This entry-level option includes:

  • Dual-surface height-adjustment
  • Computer storage
  • Extension cables
  • Focal depth adjustment for monitors
  • Side work surfaces
  • Full-service design

MID-LEVEL Dispatch Workstation:  $13,000-$18,000

Mid-level includes everything in the BASIC option, as well as accessory options like:

  • Personal climate control
  • Acoustical panels
  • LED task lighting
  • Personal storage
  • Supplemental storage throughout the work space

TOP-LEVEL Dispatch Workstation: $14,500 - $20,000

This includes everything in the MID-LEVEL workstation, plus additions like customization for small rooms.

  • Premium acoustical
  • Whiteboard
  • Glass panels
  • Status indicator lights

How long till my new console furniture is installed?

It typically takes about eight weeks to receive your new, installed console furniture, from the time you submit your purchase order, to delivery and installation. Key considerations in the planning stage will include collaboration from your team and whether or not the installation will involve a live cutover.


What's included in my quote?

Always be sure to read the fine print! We find that many of our competitors show you a “net price”—without any of the bells and whistles you’ve requested. The “actual price” comes later in the quote and can be tricky to find. Here's what's included in a Xybix quote:

  • Itemized list with both “list price” and Xybix price
  • Payment terms and early-pay discounts
  • Freight
  • Installation
  • Labor
  • Warranty

The Bottom Line when Pricing Dispatch Workstations

When you’re pricing new public safety consoles, it's essential to think about cost in terms of amortization over a long period of time. Unlike your new car purchase, the investment you make in your 911 dispatch center will see you through 10-15 years of productive, comfortable use.

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Editor’s Note: This blog was originally produced in January 2014 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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