Help! My 911 Dispatch Center is Too Small!

Posted by A Previous Xybix Employee on Mar 13, 2015 8:12:44 AM



How often have you thought “I’d really like to update my dispatch center” but in the same train of thought said, “My center is just way too small and way too weird”! We hear this constantly, things like “We’re peanuts compared to such-and-such county" or "we only have 2 stations and 150 square feet". The thought is, if your center is small, there is nothing you can do to improve your situation. Well, I'm here to tell you, You Can!

We understand all dispatch centers are not created equal, and we love it! If every dispatch center were a cookie cutter shape and size, we’d have no fun being creative and customizing solutions to fit your center.

The process of looking at other dispatch centers is like looking at new houses; you like certain things about one and some things about another. When it comes to your PSAP, don’t count yourself out just because you have an ill-configured space, weird angle or what accounts to the size of a small dorm room or broom closet. You’d be surprised by what a true designer accustomed to working with tight spaces and unique requirements can create. 

As I’m sure you’ve seen previously in our blogs and on our website, Xybix has a team of talented and good-looking sales professionals (smirk), who start with an initial meeting where we get to know and understand your specific needs and what you want to accomplish. After a thorough assessment and obtained measurements of your space, we also take into consideration all of your equipment needs, and we know there can be a lot! Radio, CAD, phone, NCIC, general purpose… the list goes on. Often, the smallest centers have the most equipment; so, make sure you’re working with a furniture provider that doesn’t have a set size or footprint and tries to stick you into something that doesn’t work. Find a vendor that understands that a square peg doesn't fit in a round hole. Because after all, the cookie cutter approach doesn't work for everyone!

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