Crushing it. Yeah! Collision Detection and Your Dispatch Console Furniture

Posted by Ellie Bittourna on Jul 5, 2018 3:19:46 PM


Crushing it - Collision Detection Dispatch Furniture ConsolesDid you know that most dispatch furniture desks you purchase should come with a collision detection system? This feature is integral to lengthening the life of your furniture while ensuring your dispatchers and equipment stay safe. Ask your furniture manufacturer, if your desks have collision detection. It shouldn't be a costly add-on. In most recent models, the collision detection is built into the lift columns that raise and lower the desks. This ensures greater detection and sensitivity toward collisions with objects.

How Does Collision Detection Work?

If you're wondering how this feature works, you've come to the right blog!

Some console manufacturers put computers in a cabinet under a moving surface which presents the largest crush zone. Let’s say Bill the Dispatcher leaves his radio on that surface and forgets. Bill runs down the surface and cannot see the radio as it gets sandwiched in between the fixed cabinet and the moving surface.

Without collision detection it would be crushed like Bambi under Godzilla. With collision detection it will stop the work surface and move slightly in the opposite direction. Once Bill moves the obstruction, he can raise or lower the desk again to his liking. As you can see, collision detection helps resolve everyday occurrences like Bill’s that could potentially injure someone or damage equipment.

Collision Detection Brings Peace of Mind

Collision detection is important because dispatch furniture is meant to be utilized in a 24/7 environment. This means that durability and reliability are expected and required.

Throughout a dispatch furniture desks lifetime, accidental damage can occur. This is typical and to be expected. People are people after all. But with this type of technology available wouldn't you want to minimize damage to your desks significantly? Because the collision detection feature provides peace of mind, it’s something that customers should expect as a standard when looking for dispatch furniture desks.

It’s not magic; it’s just collision detection!

(As with anything, please use care when operating your desk. Look around you for safety and only operate when objects are not at risk of colliding with the desk. If you have problems or questions, please contact our Customer Service Department who is happy to help!)

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