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Xybix Talks Health in the Dispatch Center at NENA 2014

Posted by Kathleen Babcook on Jun 25, 2014 3:27:00 PM


wttNewLogo_(Medium)Recently, at 2014 NENA in Nashville, TN, I was asked by Ricardo Martinez from the Within the Trenches to participate in a podcast about Xybix, our 911 ergonomic workstations and the recently introduced treadmills and bikes. Naturally, I accepted his invitation and  answer quite a few of the questions we've been receiving about the treadmill workstations. Here is what Ricardo came up with. 

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Health in the dispatch center is a huge issue. Along with the massive amount of stress that the job offers there are also bad eating habits and minimal exercise opportunities while working. But, what if there was something you could do about the exercise aspect of it? What if you had a treadmill or exercise bike attached to your console? Xybix, a dispatch furniture company has taken on the task of assisting dispatchers’ to take the first steps toward better health with the addition of a treadmill or bike to their workstation.


In this podcast, Kathleen, Xybix's Director of Marketing will talk about Xybix's ergonomic furniture workstations, as well as health in the dispatch center and more. We will learn about Xybix as a company as well as some facts and frequently asked questions about the treadmill and bike. The company also publishes blogs with health topics and techniques for the dispatch center.

We hope you will enjoy this podcast!

Xybix Health Treadmill

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