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The Core Truth: Let’s Talk About Panel Systems

Posted by Doug Herman on Apr 18, 2017 3:28:47 PM


Panel Systems.jpgWhen customers like yourself purchase console furniture, the sales process often includes a discussion about panel systems, also known to some as the “core.” If you speak with a variety of vendors, you will get a variety of panel solutions as well. I want to help educate you about what is needed from panel or core systems so that you end up with the most efficient option.

Does Size Matter?

Some manufacturers propose that the wider the core is, the more advantageous it will be, as you will be able to fit more cabling within the core. Clearly, you can stuff more cables inside of a 6” core than a 3” core. However, this is only perceived value. The truth is that you do not want to run any cabling through a core system if you have a raised floor, as it is incredibly complicated to maintain and replace cables when wound through these systems. If you do not have a raised floor, you will need to route through panel systems, but do not be fooled. When it really comes down to it, it’s efficiency in design and cabling that matters; it’s not the size.

Take a moment and think back. Do you remember when monitors weighed 45 pounds or more? When equipment weighed more, vendors would boast about the core systems’ stacking abilities and load capabilities. Even now, panel systems can be rated at 750 pounds (Xybix’s steel system is rated at 1,200 pounds), but this is not nearly as critical today as it was in the past when equipment was heavier.  BIFMA TEST.jpg

What Else Matters When Selecting Core Solutions?

The final consideration when it comes to core solutions is selecting the best housing for your computer equipment. Isn’t it funny that inside each computer is a fan designed to actively vent the heat out of the unit, but some core systems refuse to include active, redundant fan-cooled solutions? Passive cooling created by stuffing CPUs in metal casings is hardly redundant, so be sure to look for reliable cooling options to best protect your investment.

Similarly, when the inevitable occurs and the Big Gulp sitting on that core wall falls over, Dr Pepper will drench the equipment in that panel wall. Because these types of accidents occur from time to time, it’s beyond important to think through risk mitigation when selecting panel or core solutions.

Find the Option That’s Best for You

There are a variety of solid core solutions out there to choose from, and you can find the best option by simply doing your due diligence when you evaluate the type of solution needed in your unique center. Happy searching!

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