The Bottom Line of Standing Desks for Radiologists

Posted by Ken Carson on Jul 24, 2015 1:59:00 PM
Ken Carson

The_bottom_line_of_standing_desks_forIs a standing imaging desk just a trend, or does it really benefit the bottom line for an imaging center? 

Let’s face it radiologists tend to love new technology (toys) which can hopefully make their job easier, faster, and better. Efficiency is great for both the doctor and the management, who is trying to maintain a healthy bottom line. So, does a height adjustable imaging desk fall into the category of improved efficiency or is it just a new toy for the doctor to use for a few months? 

While the imaging desks are cool, let's face it, there are also some great health benefits to standing at work. 

Standing and concentration has been studied in elementary schools showing that kids do much better when they can stand during class throughout the day. How does this apply to adults with years and years of education aka doctors? Studies have shown that standing increases concentration levels in people. Better concentration equals better imaging reads. Most famous for working at a stand up desk was Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens and Winston Churchill.

More and more studies show that it is critical that people move throughout the day. This includes standing from time to time while at work. Reading images is a very sedentary job, and breaking away from that rut can do wonders for your health

Yesterday I was asked “is this for the younger docs?”. In all actuality it is for all of the docs. But it might benefit the older ones with years of being crouched over a desk talking into a mic, or bending their neck to use their bifocals on the screens. 

So a sit to stand imaging desk can help with concentration, and improve the overall health of the radiologists? That sounds like a win – win to most directors and managers. Get more reads done and reduce workman comp claims at the same time. So get off your bottom and get a sit stand desk for your imaging center the end result will be a more profitable bottom line for you and your radiologists.

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