Smells In the 911 Dispatch Center: It's Pumpkin Spice Season Y'all

Posted by Ken Carson on Oct 20, 2017 3:17:44 PM


giphy-downsized (9).gifThe famous pumpkin spice flavor has made its way onto the store shelves, announcing that fall is officially here. Many people are absolutely obsessed with pumpkin spice, so this is a special time for many fall-loving folks. As a child from the ‘70s, it was Count Chocula gracing my supermarket aisles that got me excited. To this day, I still love Count Chocula.  

Speaking of pumpkin spice, recently, I read about how an entire high school was evacuated due to a plug-in pumpkin spice air freshener. I’m not sure how bad it actually smelled, but the story made me think about the many scents that lurk around a 911 dispatch center. When you work in close proximity with others for long periods of time, you’re bound to run into some strange ones.

Our 911 Center Scents

We have a small kitchen here at Xybix, and some days, I swear it smells like someone is microwaving dog food. Other days, you can smell a little bit of garlic in the air, which is heavenly to me. Don't get me started on popcorn, as it can go from the best smell to smelling like the inside of a diesel truck engine. I had a bad experience with popcorn once when our babysitter put the popcorn in the microwave for 30 minutes--oops!  

We have also had employees that wear too much perfume or cologne. This needs to be addressed right away, but it’s always tough to approach an employee about how they smell. However, it must be done in an understanding but firm manner.

What’s the Smell Situation at 911 Dispatch Center?

What are some of your rules on food and smells in the workplace? It is tough to clearly define those rules because everyone has different preferences and aversions when it comes to smells. That being said, what kind of food do you draw the line with?  Fish in the microwave? That should never be allowed!   

Let me know about some of your experiences in the comments below!


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