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Posted by Ken Carson on Feb 9, 2018 2:59:35 PM


Fearofchange.gifRaymond Loewy was a French born industrial designer who made it to America during the 1930s and put his stamp on American culture with iconic designs that are still around today, including the paint scheme on Air Force One and the logo on Shell gas stations. Companies hired him to create successful designs for their businesses, something that would create a lasting symbol of their individual brands.

He knew that buying decisions were influenced by two personality traits of people: neophilia, the love of new things, and neophobia, the fear of new things. While change can be scary, it often leads to better, more advanced things.

Create Positive Change in the Command Center

In the world of Command and Control, there is the opportunity to bring in the “new” by focusing on how the operators work and improving their overall health on the job. One way to focus on workplace health is by bringing in ergonomic sit-to-stand consoles to all of the operation rooms.

There are some neophiliacs out there who have accepted change, and they’ve already experienced the benefits of healthy furniture in Command and Control rooms across the country. However, compared to other similar 24/7 environments, the utilities, transportation, and security operations are way behind. One major way to help bring Command Centers into the modern times is by focusing on creating healthier work environments.

What Is Healthy Furniture, and How Does it Influence Positive Change?

Healthy furniture has evolved out of ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic furniture was first designed simply to fit different sizes of people at their desks, but now the focus has evolved into sit-to-stand consoles that can improve your health or at least help prevent health issues. Giving your team members the ability to stand when they need a break from sitting has proven to help maintain good health. Someone doesn’t need to stand for an hour at a time; even just a few minutes at a time will make a big difference.

The small details help with health too. Investing in quality LCD monitors with the best resolution helps prevent eye-squinting all day long. A healthy workstation can also help with this by providing focal-depth adjustment for the monitors. This feature lets the operators set the monitors at just the right distance from their eyes.

Stretching out helps promote better blood circulation. Getting your staff to move around at their desks can do wonders for how they feel at the end of the day. Ideally, modern workstations should give your team room to stretch out their legs. This is all part of the healthy movement cycle that can help improve life at work.

Embrace Healthy Advancements in Your Comm Center

Sometimes we need to reach into our inner neophiles and accept the new ways of the world as fervently as all of the people who wait in line for the latest Apple phone. The good part about sit-to-stand consoles is that they are well-established and have a solid track record of improving an Operator's health. If you think of it like that, you are actually soothing your neophobic and neophiliac tendencies at the same time. Raymond Loewy would definitely approve.

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