Customizing Cabinetry for 911 Comm Centers & Office Spaces

Posted by Ellie Bittourna on Dec 15, 2017 3:45:32 PM


Custom Storage Unit 1.jpgYou've received the "go-ahead" to start planning a project to get new workstations in your 911 Comm Center. You begin by researching possible console suppliers, or you might already have a vendor in mind. After you’ve done your research on the consoles themselves, you begin to weigh your options, but...have you thought of everything? One thing to consider that is sometimes overlooked is the addition of custom cabinetry and office solutions. If you are able to customize your console, why can't you customize your cabinetry and offices as well?

Storage Matters

Clutter is never a good thing in an office, so it helps to think about storage options, such as bookcases, lateral filing cabinets, and rotating resource guides. These could all help with organization, and similarly, storage lockers could help dispatchers neatly store their personal items. It's important to think of everything that you’d like to keep organized and stored away in your center, and from there, determine what solution would work best for you.

Some vendors enjoy working on custom cabinetry solutions for customers and take pride in their ability to fulfill a customer's unique vision for their Comm Center. Recently, at a Comm Center visit I learned that the 12 dispatchers working there all use their own personal cabinets-on-wheels that they can take to their desks during their shifts. Each cabinet holds personal items as well as the Dispatcher’s own keyboard and mouse.

Of course, when determining your storage solution, it’s always best to communicate your strategy to your territory manager to ensure that it can be built, worked into the design, and tailored to fit YOUR custom dimensions.

Customize Away

The need for customizable, ergonomic furniture isn't limited to Comm Centers; having the ability to move around during the day is integral for any office environment. Being able to customize your office furniture is a perk that will enable creativity, and it will also give you the satisfaction knowing you're getting the office space you want and need. The same type of custom cabinetry mentioned above can also be designed for office use. So the next time you're in the market for new consoles, keep in mind that there are vendors that will allow you to customize both the console cabinetry and the office furniture for your space. The more you can tailor your work environment to fit your needs, the more happy and efficient your whole team will be.

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