Stress at Work for 911 Dispatch: 4 Ways to Improve Your Work Area

Posted by Kathleen Utley on May 9, 2017 6:00:00 AM


We all know by now that stress can be a huge issue for those in 911 dispatch. But, what if you could eliminate some stress with a few helpful suggestions, would you? Well, what about something as simple as improving your work area? Yes, the place where you spend a significant amount of time at during your work day. Think it’s worth a try to reduce stress and dissatisfaction? I do. So here are my tips for improving your work area:

Mug.jpgMake it personal.
Try displaying a few personal items. If you can’t try bringing a little something to remind you of family, loved ones or your fur baby. But don’t make it too crowded as too much clutter can add to stress and overwhelming feelings. If you share a workstation, try bringing your own customized mug with you. It’s like a traveling picture frame.

Make it smell nice (if you can).

OilDiffuser.jpgSkip the harsh smells of air fresheners and candles that can bothersome to many in tight quarters. Not to mention it’s a hazard having any sort of fire in a Comm Center. All the new rage is an oil diffuser. Oil diffusers are essentially steam diffusion of whatever scent you choose to add. Benefits can include, improved cognitive function, warding off illnesses, mood elevation and more.

Make it clean.

Now that its spring time, think about giving that dispatch console a good clean. Wipe down the surfaces with an antimicrobial wipe, dust those panels and vacuum those dust bunnies. Having a clean and tidy workstation can help you get more accomplished and eliminates the feeling of clutter. Most of you have some drawers, file cabinets or lockers, make sure you are utilizing all the space you have to keep your area clean and tidy.


Make it green.
Without it being a distraction, or adding too many, try an office plant. Did you know plants can reduced stress, increase happiness, help clean the air, and add to visual appeal of a work environment? On an interesting note, plants can also reduce noise pollution in an office. I think that’s some green everyone can envy.

Office and desk clutter has been linked to increased stress levels. If you could reduce clutter and reduce stress, why wouldn’t you? Use these simple 4 suggestions to organize, clean and de-clutter your work area. Take the time and do something for yourself. 

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