Command Centers: Keeping Your People Happy & Motivated

Posted by Gail Gerlesits on Aug 29, 2017 4:07:48 PM


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 Whether you are managing the buses 

                                                                                         throughout King County in Seattle -
 the flow of traffic in Naples, FL – the
water system at Denver International
Airport – or, the electric grid in Baton
Rouge, LA –
it all comes down to
keeping people safe and things 


The people doing all the manning of our transportation and utilities, your operators and dispatchers, with the onslaught of more smart technology, have more monitors with more information to look at than ever. As the demands of the job increase, how do you ensure your people are healthy and happy at work? Here are some things other command centers do:

  • Have plenty of snacks…keep them munching.
  • Have enough water…keep them hydrated.
  • Have a fish tank…keep them calm.

If all of the above are fullfilled, what's the next best thing to do? Keep your dispatchers comfortable. Some suggestions:

  1. Have a system to monitor all the data that doesn’t have your people sliding chairs from one end of their desk to the other end.
  2. Provide an ergonomic workstation that doesn’t have them straining to get work done. Neck and back injuries aren't fun. 
  3. Give them the option to control the thermastat at their desk. Staying awake when you are too hot is tough. (How many on the beach are sleeping?) Staying alert when you are shivering can be impossible. Your body will take over with survivor instincts like a mama bear!
  4. Have an work environment that isn’t out of the 1950’s era; lack-luster design that cared more about getting the work done vs. the people getting the work done.

Does your budget allow you to do something immediately to help your team? Or, what do you need to get in the budget asap to make the difference in your people’s everyday work life? Keeping traffic flowing in cities, airplanes moving from one destination to another and power on even in a thunderstorm…takes a lot. Providing the workspace your people need and want…doesn't need to take a lot.

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