Casino Surveillance Isn't a Gamble: Your Casino Security Consoles Shouldn't be Either

Posted by Ken Carson on Mar 31, 2014 4:24:17 PM


XybixCasinoSucurityConsolesOne of the most important investments a casino owner can make is in the security of the establishment. With this in mind, many casino managers have installed high-tech surveillance systems, such as HD cameras and around-the-clock video monitoring, all of which provides exceptional oversight and security. But the casino industry’s next big surveillance investment should be a little closer to solid ground. We’re talking about height-adjustable furniture consoles for security operators, which can be incredibly beneficial for both the operations team and the management.

Height-adjustable furniture is commonly used in government agencies such as 911 dispatch and utilities departments. While you may think that 911 dispatchers have little in common with casino security, they actually share one major job function: long hours at a desk, scrutinizing multiple computer screens.

The main difference between these two jobs is that 911 and utilities workers tend to be more reactive — the phone calls have to come before the dispatcher can get to work. Casino surveillance, on the other hand, is much more proactive. These security operators must be alert for the entirety of their shifts, monitoring and watching for the smallest details on their screens. This constant vigilance calls for furniture solutions that can help workers perform at their best. The answer is height-adjustable consoles.

Many 911 operators who use height-adjustable workstations have experienced the unique benefits of proper ergonomics. In fact, many 911 call centers won’t even buy furniture that doesn’t have sit-to-stand capabilities and closely follows strict ergonomic guidelines. The communications center Directors want to make sure that their employees are comfortable, and giving them ability to change postures — and most importantly, standing when they want — is part of that. Not to mention that the benefits of standing are well-documented. 

Casino surveillance security operators can also benefit from proper ergonomics. Height-adjustable consoles not only give workers the ability to adjust the furniture to their optimal sitting and standing positions, but they also help them stay awake and alert, which is critical to job performance, especially during the dreaded graveyard shift.

Changing your posture every hour or so not only adds variety, but also gets the blood pumping. While standing, workers are forced to use their large muscle groups, which help pump blood through the body. This increased blood flow travels to the brain, supplying oxygen and making operators more alert. This not only benefits the surveillance team, but also provides a quick ROI for casino owners and managers.

Properly designed, ergonomic casino security consoles, which include proper reach zones and focal depth adjustment, can accommodate people all sizes and abilities and will provide your surveillance room with healthier, more alert employees.

So what should you look for in casino security console and surveillance furniture?

  • Dual surface viewing
  • Computer storage
  • Clean cabling
  • Future monitor adaptability (42” 4K screens)
  • Customization
  • Free room design and consultation

Or, if you want to get fancy, some custom furniture companies even offer innovative features like personal climate controls and lockable computer storage. You might even try a treadmill desk, which may be the ultimate way to fight drowsiness during work. Burning calories while on the clock? That’s definitely a win!

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