Xybix's Lifetime Warranty - 6 Years Parts - 5 Years Labor

Posted by Kathleen Utley on Oct 14, 2016 4:01:30 PM



NOTE: This blog discusses the Xybix warranty available through March 2021. Our new warranty, which applies to products purchased from the 2021 price list, provides even more protection. Going forward, we cover all parts, shipping, and labor for 10 years. All Xybix manufactured parts are warrantied for life; labor and shipping are covered for the first 10 years.

Xybix has been making big waves in the dispatch furniture world with its new Lifetime
Warranty. We wanted to take a minute to explain what this means to you as a customer and explain what is covered by this warranty. 

Let's start by saying that this warranty was designed to take care of YOU, the customer. We wanted to make it easy to understand and give you the level of service you deserve on an investment you've spent time and money on. Having a warranty that covers the untimely "Ut O" is as important to us as it is to you. So let's get to it here's what is included Xybix's Warranty for Dispatch Furniture:

Lifetime Warranty. This is on all manufactured components. That means things like your panels, work surfaces, edging, cabinets and Xybix's focal depth adjustment system, Rollervision. This basically covers anything Xybix makes, excluding moving and electric parts. Wait!!! What about the parts? (oh boy, you're getting nervous now!)

Five Year Plus Warranty. This is a 6-year warranty on all moving and electric parts. This includes anything manufactured by Xybix or NOT manufactured by Xybix. Pay attention here - this is a BIG deal! Ever hear of an OEM or "buy out"? Well, basically this is confusing terminology used by dispatch furniture manufactures to avoid warrantying their product. OEM means "Original Equipment Manufacturer" or it refers to the manufacturer of the original equipment typically a part of subsystem that is used in another company's end product. Usually this "OEM" would be who you would need to call or get service from for any broken part or piece of your dispatch console. Xybix's Five Year Plus Warranty does NOT use an OEM so; you have ONE point of contact - US!

Five Year Labor Warranty. This is super simple. You get 5 years of warranty on any labor needed to install parts or pieces either manufactured by Xybix or not by Xybix. That's it, labor is included for 5 years. AND...This includes shipping! BAM!

Remember, there are exceptions to any warranty which include any purposeful damage, power surges, etc.

Here is a brief video by Xybix Southeast Territory Manager Cher Ice about Xybix's Lifetime Warranty. 

For any specific and additional details, please see Xybix's written warranty. 


Xybix's Lifetime Warranty


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