Why Durability Is Key for Imaging Desks

Posted by Mike Graham on Sep 13, 2023 7:16:57 AM



Workstations designed specifically for radiology equipment—and, more importantly, for radiologists—are essential equipment in healthcare facilities. In many cases, the desks are used and abused 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This is why you need to select imaging desks that are built to last.Why Durability Is Key

Consider durability when purchasing new radiology imaging desks to:

  • Protect expensive equipment. The computers, monitors, mics, and other equipment used on radiology imaging desks are often very expensive. A durable desk can help to protect this equipment from damage caused by bumps, spills, and other accidents.
  • Maintain efficiency. If parts of an imaging desk are failing or broken, work comes to a stop until the desk is fixed or the equipment is moved to a (possibly) less desirable desk and location. While this is going on, patients are still waiting for their scans to be interpreted. A desk of proven quality and durability benefits the facility and its patients.
  • Save money. A durable desk that is well-maintained can last for many years. This saves money in the long run by preventing the need to replace the desk prematurely.

What to Look For

Durable radiology desks generally offer the following features.

  • 3D Laminate Surface. Look for a 3D laminate wrap on the desk—with a lifetime warranty that signals the manufacturer is confident in the quality. The 3D laminate is durable and doesn’t have seams where germs and debris can hide. For a quick look at benefits, see this video.
  • High Weight Capacity. Check the desk’s weight capacity to ensure that it can support the weight of the equipment. Heavy Barco 12 MP Diagnostic Monitors are not only very expensive, but they are very heavy. If you put several on an imaging desk, it needs to lift 300 lbs. and have a static load capacity of 500 lbs. For a quick demonstration, see this video.
  • Strong Warranty. Review the warranty and customer service offered by the imaging desk manufacturer. You need peace of mind that if the desk breaks down, help is on the way so radiologists experience minimal downtime. If the manufacturer doesn’t offer a parts and labor warranty, keep looking. It takes a manufacturer with a durable product to offer a 10-year parts and labor warranty plus include a lifetime warranty on non-electrical components such as the work surfaces. Read this for tips on evaluating a warranty.
  • Third-Party Testing. The safety and performance of the imaging desk should be verified by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA), a trade association for furniture manufacturers. BIFMA standards encompass a wide variety of topics, from durability to VOCs to sustainability. By selecting products from a BIFMA manufacturer, you are purchasing furniture that has been evaluated and physically tested to ensure its safety and quality.

Radiology_Desk_ConfigOne of Xybix Systems’ ergonomic dual-surface imaging desks in a typical private office reading room

For an imaging desk that is both durable and function, consider the following factors as well.

  • Size, Shape, and Aesthetics. Consider the sizes and shapes of the desks available in relation to the reading room. Curved desks can take up less space but some rooms may require straight desks. In addition, the desks should complement the décor of the radiology department.
  • Design Services. Find out if the imaging desk manufacturer offers free room layout planning from an experienced and degreed designer. A design professional can ensure ADA and electrical compliance while creating an attractive floorplan that enhances workflow.
  • Customization Features. For both usability and comfort, desks should be packed with features that are easy to use. These include non-negotiable features such as a sit-to-stand surface, monitor adjustments, and cable management. In addition, radiologists appreciate the ability to customize heating, cooling, bias lighting, and task lighting for productivity, health, and comfort.

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