Why a Zigzag Configuration May Work Best for Your Dispatch Center

Posted by Doug Herman on Jan 11, 2023 9:21:36 AM



Most of us think that interior designers make spaces beautiful with paint, furniture and artwork choices. In the dispatch world, however, I would say that the No. 1 function of an interior designer is to solve space problems. Unless we’re talking about new construction, most centers have space challenges, whether it’s the size or shape of the room or the placement of columns and electrical boxes.

Professional interior designers are expert at solving space problems—plus, they’re expert at making those spaces beautiful. This is why Xybix hires degreed and experienced interior designers and dedicates a single designer to each project. While I’m constantly inspired by their creativity, sometimes I’m downright wowed by a truly innovation solution. That brings me to the Dickson County Emergency Communication Center’s zigzag configuration.

Designer Meghan Dinardi worked closely with Dickson County (Tennessee) to understand their needs and preferences: She needed to fit 10 workstations in the space (up from 6) and create a communal feel that also offered privacy. See the video for how the space plan evolved from an X formation to a pod configuration to the zigzag, which ultimately created a highly functional, comfortable and attractive space for years to come.


Note that Xybix takes the time every client needs to get the space they want—whether it’s in dispatch, radiology, telemetry, security, utilities or transportation. While the project in the video took nearly a year, many projects wrap up in a few months. To see the Xybix design process in action, take a look at a couple other projects:

  • Morgan County 911 Center, a pod configuration that involved removing a wall.

  • Hillsdale County Central Dispatch, which required a unique layout to receive power from two floor boxes. 

If you have any questions about dispatch or operations center furniture, space planning or projects, please contact your local sales representative.


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