What is the cost of an Imaging Desk?

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Your top 3 price questions, answered

Most radiologists know the advantages of doing their work at a high-quality, height-adjustable workstation. The best radiology furniture not only delivers optimum comfort for doctors during long hours; it supports an ideal workflow and enables greater collaboration among the team.

So, what does a new radiology desk cost? We’ll cut straight to the chase here, followed by key considerations to help you maximize the furniture investment you make for the long term. 

(Fall 2020 Update: Watch this short video to learn more)


How much does a radiology imaging desk cost?

Below, we’ve provided three price ranges to accommodate every level of need in the PACS department. All pricing includes average freight and installation costs.

BASIC Radiology Imaging Desk:  $7,000-$9,999

The BASIC version of a new radiology desk includes:

  • Dual-surface height adjustment
  • Computer hangers
  • Extension cables
  • User height pre-sets
  • Focal depth adjustment for monitors (including the heavy 6MP screens)
  • USB connection trough for convenient keyboard and mice connection
  • Full-service interior design

MID-LEVEL Radiology Imaging Desk:  $10,000-$12,999

The MID-LEVEL version of a new radiology workstation includes everything in the BASIC level as well as accessory options like:

  • Personal climate control heaters
  • A cooling fan at the desk
  • Bias lighting
  • LED task lighting
  • Premium cable management
  • USB and RJ11 outlets on the desk surface

TOP-LEVEL Radiology Imaging Desk:  $13,000-$14,999

TOP-LEVEL includes everything in the MID-LEVEL price range, plus:

  • Side work surfaces
  • Paperwork storage
  • Premium acoustical\

What are some key price considerations?

Before you rush to pick your favorite price, consider these critical factors to make sure you choose well and choose for the long-term. To determine the best fit for all your radiology “stakeholders,” make sure you:

  • find the radiology furniture solution that offers the least amount of downtime—for everyone
  • listen to your radiologists, purchasing department, IT department and administration

Are your doctors getting adequate lighting and acoustics? Is your IT department able to quickly adapt to changing monitor and CPU configurations? Is your administration department getting optimum productivity through an unfettered workflow? And, last but not least, is purchasing satisfied that they’re getting the best value for their money?


What’s included in my radiology furniture quote?

When receiving quotes for new imaging desks, buyer beware! Some companies will show you a “net price” that doesn’t include the options you’ve requested, while the actual total is conveniently buried on a later page. At a minimum, a transparent price quote should include:

  • an itemized list with both “list price” and discounted pricing
  • payment terms and early-pay discounts
  • clearly-marked freight
  • clearly-marked installation and labor
  • warranty


The Bottom Line about Pricing Radiology Desks: THINK LONG TERM

In many healthcare environments, the opportunity to purchase high-quality radiology furniture comes but once a decade. To get it right, be sure to:

  • Consult all interested parties regarding your selection of furniture manufacturer
  • Choose durable, future-proof furniture design that will adapt to rapid changes in imaging technology.
  • Accommodates users of varying sizes

Have questions about new PACS furniture for radiology and imaging? Contact us today! 



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