The Who's Who of Sit to Stand Desks at RSNA

Posted by Ken Carson on Oct 15, 2015 4:12:58 PM


Sit to Stand Exhibitors at RSNA 2015
There is no place like the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) to go shopping for new equipment for your radiology center.  Whether you are involved with a huge hospital system or a small reading room, RSNA seems to have it all and then some.  You can get hands-on with all of the latest technology to see what it can do to make your life better and improve the results for your patients.  One major piece of that puzzle is choosing the best imaging desk for your reading room.  

Just about every radiologist in today’s world knows that a sit to stand desk is the way to go. The days of working at casework desks mounted to the walls are pretty much gone. Many of you might already have some of the first generation workstations that allow you to stand, but the past few years have seen a big improvement and advancement in the quality and durability of the imaging desks that are available. That being said, here is a quick list of sit to stand desk exhibitors to look for at RSNA.

  • Anthro Cart, the guys who make the Carl’s Table, got bought by Ergotron (makers of monitor arms and other computer accessories).  They usually have a lineup of imaging desks and carts that meet various price points. If you are looking to invest a good amount, ask about the Carl’s Table, but if you are on a budget, look into the Steve’s Station.  Anthro has a dealer network for sales.   
  • BioMorph has several options in their lineup; they have options for single-surfaces (less expensive) and dual-surfaces (better ergonomics).  They can put some of the workstations on casters so that they can be wheeled around.  BioMorph sells directly through their website, meaning you simply can click and purchase.  
  • Redrick Technologies is out of Canada.  They offer design services to help create a complete room and to help prevent the problem of buying an imaging desk that doesn’t fit.  They also offer several options on their product lineup.  They offer a more complete package with lighting options, monitor supports, computer storage, and work-surface power.  
  • AFC Industries is known for their catalog sales.  Just about every hospital purchasing department has gotten one of their catalogs in the mail.  They have about as many options for the workstation that you can think of, and to top it off, most of their products come with casters so that you can wheel the imaging desks around.  Plus, they offer a free design service to help with getting everything to fit into the room.  
  • Xybix Systems, Inc. has been in the radiology market for thirteen years.  At the start of 2015, they recommitted to this market with a dedicated sales team.  Xybix has several options in regards to station sizes and shapes, and most of their product line consists of dual-surface options to promote better ergonomics.  They also have all of the standard options (lighting, cable management, monitor mounts, etc.) in addition to a personal climate system that keeps the doctors warm or cool no matter what the temperature of the room is.  Xybix will also have a treadmill to try at RSNA so that the docs can stay healthy while working.

There you have it! RSNA certainly won’t leave you short of options, and with all of the available choices, you’ll easily be able to find a sit to stand imaging desk that fits your unique needs.

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