The Movement Cycle: Using Your Sit-to-Stand Desk

Posted by Ken Carson on Mar 2, 2018 4:28:47 PM



In modern 911 dispatch centers, most dispatchers are blessed with sit-to-stand desks. But, I can remember when the first generation of height-adjustable consoles could not raise up to a standing position. But hey, it was a start. Technology and vendor competition have transformed the consoles we know today, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a sit-to-stand desk. 

The evolution of the sit-to-stand ability is an important one. We have all heard that "sitting is the new smoking", which I guess should scare us all into standing all day long. However, I can't. My feet are tired from skiing all weekend, and my back is sore from moving furniture. I try things like switching to different positions to help me feel more comfortable throughout the day.

I’ve highlighted the movement cycle I try to follow during my day below (Keep in mind that I do this most days but not every day.):

First Cycle: Sitting

The first step of my movement cycle begins with sitting. I need to get my act together when I start my shift. This includes sipping coffee and warming up my brain while I sit. There are a few ways to sit comfortably, and for me personally, I remain sitting upright. My back does not touch the back of the chair, and I scoot forward to the edge of my chair.

Second Cycle: Standing

For the second stage of my movement cycle, I stand at my desk (depending on what work I'm doing). Standing for me is better for my creative work. Like many others before me, I think better on my feet. I don't just stand there, either. I have a few tricks I use to make standing a little easier.

The first thing I use is a Rogue Fidget Bar, which lets me raise one foot up in the same manner I do when I’m at the bar waiting for my drink. It lets you shift your weight, and you can rock that one foot back and forth and fidget away.

I also have a standing mat with a little slope on it, so I can put my feet in different places to stretch out my leg muscles. If you’re interested in something like this for yourself, try out the Batmat. I don't personally have this, but it works the same way and has a great name. No matter what product you get, the point is simply to move your feet around and get comfortable.

Third Cycle: Stretching

I might call this slouching, but it is done with a purpose. I sit in my chair and stretch my legs all of the way out so that I feel a full stretch. It is nice to have room under your console for this position with no computers or cabinets blocking your way.

Have Fun and Get Moving!

These three cycles make up my movement patterns throughout the day. I may sit all day one day, but I usually switch between these three positions a few times throughout the day. As someone who has 20 years of experience with a height-adjustable desk, my advice is to take advantage of it and have some fun!

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