Standing Desks Increase Efficiency & Focus in Casino Security Surveillance

Posted by Kristen Nielsen on Jun 6, 2019 1:42:20 PM


Casino Security SurveillanceCasino floors are like no other place on earth. The flashing lights and winning rings of slot machines. Cocktail servers
all around with smiling faces. The cheers of excitement as someone shouts “red!”
or “black!” Your casino has an energy that can’t be found anywhere else. Because
of all this constant action, you need exceptional security operations.

The recent advancements in technology are astonishing. Cameras can cover every inch of the floor and use facial recognition. Real time text alerts are used to notify staff instantly of a possible threat. It is no secret that constantly upgrading and investing in new technology is a key strategy to keeping your guests and casinos secure and safe.

But what investment is your casino missing?

Somewhere behind a wall, separated from the action, your surveillance team is carefully monitoring everything in the casino. With no downtime allowed, your surveillance operators have to be at the top of their game. As they say, every detail counts.

To be effective and efficient at your job, these operators need equipment that enables them to do a highly skilled job. Something often overlooked but can have the biggest return on investment for the casino is sit-to-stand consoles. The surveillance room furniture keeps these operators at the top of their game. Specifically designed and customized for 24/7 operations, these consoles can have a tremendous effect on the performance of these operators.

Studies have shown that adding movement, especially alternating from sitting to standing, increases blood flow to the brain, improves alertness and reduces fatigue, helping to alleviate physical and mental stress of the operator.

Staring at computer monitors for a long period of time can cause eye strain. Consoles designed specifically for 24/7 surveillance make it easy to adjust operator monitor position. 

Casino surveillance is not an easy job, but having a comfortable ergonomic work space can make all the difference in someone’s performance and attention to detail. Your operators will be able to change their posture, react quickly and efficiently to situations, increasing comfort, productivity, and your bottom line.

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