NEWS FLASH: Sitting All Day Is Still Bad for You

Posted by Doug Herman on Sep 13, 2022 7:21:59 AM



No matter what your job, sometimes you need a reminder of why we do what we do. I got just such a reminder last week when I ran across this article:

Labor Day means a return to work. And highlights the dangers of sitting all day.
Like the frog in the pot of ever-warmer water, the danger from stillness may not be obvious until it's too late.

After I got over my jealousy of that great teaser—who doesn’t love boiling the frog analogies—a Xybix value came to mind:

 We design products for a healthier and more productive workplace.

As we get caught up in all the bells and whistles that our innovations and technology bring, this story was a great reminder of our flagship feature: sit-to-stand flexibility.

The ability to alternate between sitting and standing throughout your workday reduces the dangers of long hours of sedentary work. The general recommendation of a 2:1 ratio of sitting to standing (say, 60 minutes of sitting followed by 30 minutes of standing) can generate enough light activity to improve health while often boosting morale and productivity.

I certainly encourage you to make all the adjustments you need to create a comfortable, ergonomic environment, but right now I’m making one recommendation: Create a habit of alternating between sitting and standing. Set a reminder or start a pattern of switching positions after breaks. Whatever works for you. 

I feel energized by this reminder that our work here matters. If you have a dispatch desk, telemetry station, control center console or imaging desk that offers sit-to-stand flexibility, please use it! If you don’t, you know who to call.


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