Self-Troubleshooting for 4 Common Dispatch Console Problems

Posted by Amanda Schwartz on Aug 29, 2018 4:20:18 PM


randy marsh supermarket GIF by South Park Are you one of those people that ALWAYS does self-checkout at the grocery store? Maybe you would rather 'opt-in' for email, online chatting, text messaging or literally... you will take any other form of communication rather then a regular old face-to-face or person-to-person conversation? You are probably the type that sometimes, finds it just easier take care of the problem on your own. You're not alone, and that's "ok!" We get it!

You are the exact reason why Xybix has a troubleshooting reference and resource library available on our website to help you quickly diagnose and troubleshoot your own problems. Is your console out of level? Does your dispatch desk need a RESET? Maybe your heater is on the fritz? We all know it can happen, so we have come up with a complete Troubleshooting Guide as well as some handy instructions and videos just for you. 

A64 Error
(This error references Xybix's older model tables - please contact us if you are unsure which model you have)

You will see this, when there is a fluctuation in the power of your workstation, if you press and hold the up and down button at the same time, or if the power cable to the table is disconnected. 

Here are the steps you take to fix this:
Step 1 - Make sure nothing is under console that will be blocking the table from moving up and down. (trashcans, cabinet doors, etc)
Step 2 - Make sure all cables are properly connected. 
Step 3- Press and hold up and down button together and keep holding until surface is at the lowest position. Continue to hold for three seconds once it is all the way down. Error code should go from A64 to 59.
After this, if the legs are not moving together or the error code has not changed, please pick up the phone and notify our Customer Service Team or 800.788.2810. 

Want to watch a video of the console reset? Try this one!

Table out of Level Instructions
(This error references Xybix's older model tables - please contact us if you are unsure which model you have)

Step 1 - Locate the control box under the front or rear work surface that is having the issue.
Step 2 - Unplug the power to the control box itself.
Step 3 - Swap the cables for the two legs with each other. The leg cables are the ones that are next to each other (the cable on its own is the hand control cable).
Step 4 - Plug the power back into the control box.
Step 5 - Do the reset by pressing and holding both the 'up' and 'down' buttons on the hand control. If you see that the same leg is not moving, STOP IMMEDIATELY! This may mean that the leg is bad.
Step 6 - If the other leg stops moving, then bring the table level with the other leg. This may mean that the control box is bad.  

Visual instructions can be found here.

Heater Problems
(This error references Xybix's older model heater(s)- please contact us if you are unsure which model you have)

Step 1
Put your hand or a weight on top of the heater. This part of the heater sticks outbehind the cross bar. If doing this stops the noise you hear, then heater just needs to have:
The screws tightened that hold the top plate on. 
The heater needs to be secured better on the cross bar either with a shim or foam insert to prevent it from vibrating and rattling.

Step 2
If Step 1 didn’t resolve the noise, please contact Customer Service. Replacement parts may be needed or the heater may need to be replaced. 

Instructions can also be found here.

Easy-Close Drawer Slide
(These instructions are for Xybix's older model drawer slides)

The drawer will need to be removed from the cabinet to get started. Once the drawer is removed:  
Step 1Using a flat head or Philips head screwdriver turn the release lever counter-clockwise.
Step 2 - Now, the release lever will be unlocked and can move freely.
Step 3 - To replace the release lever, pull the mechanism all the way forward until it locks into place. 
Step 4 - After the release lever is locked into place the drawer slide is ready for the drawer box to be placed back into the cabinet.

Visual step-by-step instructions can be found here.

As you can tell, we are accustomed to talking to all types of users from the "self check-out" type to the "Chatty-Cathy's!". The point being, we are happy to help and have a variety of both online resources and helpful real-life Customer Service gals who are ready and willing to help you tackle your console problems and get you back up and working in no time! 

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