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Relatable Concerns Between Docs and 911 Dispatch

Posted by Kathleen Utley on Jun 5, 2015 12:51:05 PM


ConfusedIf you are in the public safety industry and are familiar with Xybix, you may have noticed a few articles, emails and blogs from Xybix about imaging desks. Are you scratching your head and wondering what that is all about…? I realize most of associate Xybix as only selling height adjustable furniture to 911 dispatch, security and utility agencies. But, in fact, there are several other industries in which the ergonomic sit to stand furniture we provide can be beneficial.

So what the heck is am imaging desk? Well, an imaging desk is used by radiologists and doctors to read “images” (CAT scan, MRI, X-Ray). The next logical question is are the radiologists and doctors that use these imaging desks all that different from a 911 dispatcher?’ To help you understand the similarities between the two industries, here’s the side by side.

Relatable workplace concerns:

  • Ergonomics and health
  • Shared workstations and germs
  • Long hours and shifts
  • Lighting, acoustics and personal climate

Relatable workplace challenges:

  • Evolving technology and equipment changes
  • Accommodating various monitors and sizes
  • Multiple CPU’s and masses of cables
  • Planning/designing room upgrades
  • Space maximization and constraints

As you can see there are several areas of correlation between these two industries that you may not have originally suspected. Either way, providing a durable, ergonomic, sit to stand workstation able to withstand the rigors of high intensity usage requires a manufacturer who understands your needs. Ask questions and be specific with your requests. Addressing your concerns and understanding your industry challenges should be a top priority for whichever company you choose for your purchasing needs.  

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