Height Adjustable Desks - Fad or Favorite?

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With all the hype about sit to stand desks and how "sitting is the new smoking." It makes a person wonder, "what are the benefits of switching from a fixed height desk to a height adjustable desk?" That's a great question! And if you are looking to make a case for height adjustable furniture in your office or work environment, use this blog as a resource, ammunition for your cause, post it in your break room, or email it to your boss! Whatever you use it for, I hope you'll find the information valuable and useful.One size does not fit all, and when it comes to furniture or your desk, this couldn't be more true. Think of that favorite pair of jeans or that comfy tattered weekend sweatshirt. You know, that one of a kind fit and feel that is just yours. Well, this can and should be relayed to something you probably find yourself spending more time with then that wearing that tattered old sweatshirt - your desk!

Let's think ergonomics. (No - not your chair! (everyone thinks "ergonomics = chairs" (not the case) The most simple way to explain ergonomics is "fitting a job to a person or the study of people's efficiency in their working environment". Think of it like this, the ability of one to adapt to a work space that is not conducive to their needs can hinder not only their productivity, but can also harm their health. So basically, incorrect ergonomics can cause serious health consequences.

Having the ability to adjust different aspects of one’s desk (sitting or standing, a combination of both is actually best) allows a person to be more productive because they are no longer having to find a way to be comfortable. Here is some ammunition to make your case:

Standing Desks Can:

  • Improve posture. Standing at a desk through the use of height adjustable furniture allows each individual to adjust their desk to their specific height. This intern lessens the strain on the user's spine therefore decreasing back and shoulder pain.

  • Result in an increase in blood and oxygen circulation making users more alert and productive.

  • Decrease the side effects of disc and joint issues such as carpal tunnel and tendonitis.

  • Help users burn more calories than sitting and can promote weight loss.

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