Q & A - Purchasing New Ergonomic Imaging Furniture

Posted by Mike Graham on Jun 11, 2015 4:17:00 PM


QAThinking of re-modeling your imaging center? Maybe even replacing a few desks? Purchasing new furniture? Here are a few questions you should ask your next imaging desks provider:

  1. Is it possible to have custom sizes that meet our environmental constraints without paying custom up charges? It is possible. Look for manufacturers who build their own product. What does this mean? Doesn't every manufacturer build their own stuff? No. Some companies just buy parts from other manufacturers and sell them as their product. This limits them to supply only what they have available, not what you need. Ask if they manufacture their entire product?

  2. Ergonomically, will your furniture accommodate the 5th percentile seated female user to the 95th percentile standing male user? Let’s puts this into layman’s terms. The 5th percentile female is about 4’10” and the 95th percentile male is about 6’3”. This is the range of users as established by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society which is acceptable for furniture. Don’t settle for a "one-size-fits-all" approach, that would be like buying medium uniforms for the entire hospital.  

  3. Is your furniture UL GREENGUARD Certified? UL Greenguard is a certification which requires that the furniture release no Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC’s. All things which furniture is made of, even organic parts of the earth can be bad for your health. Wood is a contributor to this much like steel, paint, fabric. UL Greenguard tests the furniture in a lab to see how much VOC’s are released. If the furniture is designed correctly it will meet the requirements of Greenguard. What does this mean? Greenguard furniture keeps the air you breathe clean and free of harmful VOC’s.

  4. Will you be able to provide us with CAD room layout drawings to ensure the table we are purchasing will fit into the room? Don’t just hope that the large investment in imaging desks you are making will fit in your room. Don’t just hope that your new imaging desks will fit your monitors. Take advantage of companies which provide a professional design services. This includes 2D and 3D room layout drawings for your project. In addition to seeing exactly what your imaging desks will look like, a professional designer can make sure your room meets all ADA and fire code specifications.   

  5. Can you provide antimicrobial work surfaces? Usually, we hear “those exist??”. Yes, they do! With multiple shift users of imaging desks reducing the spread of cold, flu, mold, etc. is an important part keeping the doctors healthy. Can these work surfaces help reduce the sick days by 10% or more? We sure hope so!

  6. Do you have a company-employed installation team? Another good question. It is a surprise to some that the companies they talk to are not as turnkey as they think. This means is that they hire outside contractors to install your furniture. Look for companies with installers with experience in the hospital and imaging world. 

  7. During the warranty period, are both parts and labor covered? Read the warranties! Most companies will cover parts as well as the cost of shipping the parts to you, but it is generally up to you to provide the labor or cover the expenses of having the parts installed. The labor will be the most expensive part of 90% of the repairs. Look for a parts and labor warranty and talk your salesperson about it.  
When purchasing new ergonomic imaging furniture, we know you want to have the best possible ROI on the capital investment your organization is making, and that you also want furniture that will provide an overall healthier environment. Consequently, you need to work with companies that can say “yes” to the above questions.

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