Lockers Boost Morale in Dispatch Centers

Posted by Doug Herman on Sep 14, 2023 8:21:09 AM



Think about how edgy you feel when you leave your phone in the car or plug it in a few feet away at, say, a coffee shop. Imagine if your belongings were always out of your possession like this, while you’re busy taking critical dispatch calls. This is where personal lockers come in—and they offer plenty of other benefits as well.

Perks of Personal Storage

Individual lockers bring benefits to employees and dispatch centers such as:

  • Peace of mind for employees as their belongings are nearby and secure
  • Boost to employee morale because the company cares enough to provide theft protection
  • Privacy for storing medications and other personal items
  • Productivity increase thanks to the neat, orderly place for purses, backpacks, lunches, etc.
  • Sustainability as lockers encourage employees to bring reusable insulated lunch boxes and containers, knowing they won’t be taken from the crowded employee refrigerator
  • The ritual of storing and retrieving items at the beginning and end of the day enhances the employee experience

Studies Show…

I believe all these benefits of lockers as they are common sense. And in this case, common sense trumps academic research on the topic—because I found none. I searched and searched for a study on how keeping your belongings secure increases productivity and morale but didn’t find it.

I did find evidence, however, that a clutter-free environment with happy employees is more productive. So, I firmly believe that employees whose personal items are secure and in a consistent location do experience less stress and distraction, leading to higher productivity and morale. Given the mission-critical nature of the work at dispatch centers, we’re proud to play any part in it.

Xybix Options

Xybix offers both traditional lockers for locker room and mailroom areas in addition to mobile lockers that can travel with the employee from desk to desk. 

  • Traditional wall-based lockers include combination locks, mail slots, and other features. Often, they are large enough to provide a secure home for all employee belongings, including coats, bags, lunches, extra clothing, and more.
  • Mobile lockers are designed to fit neatly under or next to dispatch consoles. These lockers are on wheels, so if an employee is giving breaks to others, he or she can easily bring it along. The mobile lockers, known as pedestals, come in multiple drawer configurations and feature quiet, soft-close drawer hardware.
  • All Xybix lockers can be master keyed with core changeable locks for 24/7 environments. The design complements the consoles, including a variety of finishes such as woodgrain.


The benefits of lockers extend to other 24/7 environments as well. A radiologist in a busy hospital can quickly duck out to the restroom without worry of a backpack being stolen. Security, transportation, and electrical control room personnel can keep their workstations neat and their belongings secure while they focus on their work.

The other great thing about these mobile personal lockers is that you can add them anytime—not just when acquiring new consoles. For a demonstration of personal lockers, give us a call at Xybix.


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