Increase Operator’s Performance: 1 Key Leadership Trait to Start Today

Posted by Gail Gerlesits on May 1, 2017 8:56:33 AM


Leadership.jpgAs Chief, Supervisor or Head Operator of a Command Center, you want your people to bring their "A Game" everyday. So, what can you do on a daily basis to make a difference for your people and improve their performance? The April edition of SUCCESS magazine, in an article titled, “The ROI of Compassion,” leadership guru John C. Maxwell sums it up:

 “The first step on the journey toward results is compassion. This leads to cooperation, which strengthens the relationship. And when followers feel they have a strong relationship with their leaders, they willingly offer their best work, which naturally produces results.”

Putting this into action - where do you start? Get to know your people. What motivates them? What pressures are they dealing with: kids, aging parents, marriage problems, health issues? Also, consider the job they are doing – analyzing data to ensure things are running smoothly. And if things are not running smoothly, then get the guys out in the field to fix it as quickly and as safely as possible. Remember, their job takes focus, strategic thinking and action. And, they have to be at their desk or workstation 8-10 hours to get their job done. The compassion can start right there.

Your people spend more awake hours at work than at home. What are you doing to show compassion for the job your people are doing?

  1. How is the overall space they are working in? Are your people working in an environment that is safe, comfortable and ergonomically well designed? Is the flow of the room ideal for communication

  1. How is the workstation they work at for 8-10 hours? Can they sit/stand to stay alert? Are wires contained or a “jumbled mess” and a hazard to your team?


  2. Is anyone experiencing any health issues due to the lack of ergonomics? Neck issues, eye issues, headaches or carpal tunnel? Are the health issues a result of poor ergonomics?
  3. Is the configuration of their desk just all wrong

Your people will know you are compassionate by your actions. Taking care of them, takes care of you, which in turn increases performance by everyone and takes care of all of us. Bring on your "A Game"!

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