The Biggest Problem with not Having Cable Management

Posted by Kathleen Utley on Feb 26, 2016 4:47:24 PM


Untitled_design_14.jpgThe rats nest of cables. The constant unplugging of monitors. Speakers, keyboards and mice getting dragged off your desk every time your raise your console up so you can stand... Sound familiar? All of these issues are usually a result of poor cable management. (Unless you have a ghost in your dispatch center, if you do, please email me.) Cable management is more than correcting that bundle of cables hidden under your desk it also should include making sure that you have the appropriate length of cable extensions so that you can actually use your console to "stand" without the fear of unplugging. 

I started to realize that most of us have just grown accustomed to living with our workstations the way they are. As I toil my toes around the familiar feeling of the black cables behind my desk, I realize that I probably need some better cable management and that I'm not alone, as most of you probably need the same. At least twice a day, when I raise my desk up to stand at it, I very frequently unplug or loosen my right monitor and then it goes dark. Super annoying for me and what could be dangerous problem for you. So, I crawl under my desk to my computer, (yes, I don't have a fancy CPU cabinet or holder) and wiggle and re-plug in what cable I think is the right one and waaaala! My screen is back up and running! Now the chore of dragging everything back over to the screen that was just dark and I resume my work. What a pain I tell myself EVERY time this happens and YET...I have done nothing about it. 

Let's take a minute to assess what is happening here. I have grown accustomed to my monitor not working every time is use my desk to stand. I've grown irritated with having to fix this. I'm guessing that very soon, I'll choose not to stand at a perfectly good sit/stand console just because of poor cable management. This is a BIG problem!

So what can be done? Correcting the cable can be tedious and difficult especially if it isn't done during the initial install of the console. So, now you're stuck just dealing with the problem because fixing it will be too time consuming. Believe me, I understand. But take the time to make some corrections, even if it means doing one console at a time. You can request some cable extensions or you can use Velcro cable ties or zip ties to organize that mess of cables. These are relatively cheap and easy fixes and can usually help with that cable management problem.

Don't waste a perfectly good sit to stand console.

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