HAPPY Birthday Xybix! 28 Years Later...

Posted by Ken Carson on Jun 27, 2019 4:44:14 PM



Xybix is turning 28! Happy Birthday!

I can’t tell you how much fun it has been being one of the owners of Xybix. For the past 28 years we have grown from 2 employees to 75, and now we have our furniture in places throughout the world. From here in Colorado, to the Cayman Islands, to Calgary, Canada and even Qatar in the Middle East. 

Looking back over the past 28 years at Xybix, I accredit a large portion of the growth as a company to our employees with their willingness and spirit to help others. Worth noting are a few of the longest term team members who have seen the growth of the company over the 28 years:

Troy Parson – Troy has been a Carson family friend since around the age of two. So, when Xybix needed manufacturing help, we called Troy. That was 18 years ago and he still shows up at 5am to get work done before the day starts. When the day starts, Troy gets a TON of questions all day long. He always has a good solution, even if the answer is "no we can't do that".  

Kelley Smith – Kelley came from Downey Fire Department and liked our furniture so much he asked for a job. We are always careful hiring and kind of put him off. He flew to Colorado on his own accord and made us hire him. Good move Kelley! He is at 19 years with Xybix and is a big reason for our success. 

Kathleen Utley – Kathleen was known by the Carson family from the age of 12 as “Katie” and we tricked her into working for us. No, not really. We needed a new marketing person and knew she was the right person to take our marketing to the next level. Kathleen/Katie is at 9 years strong with Xybix. 

Doug Herman – We stumbled into Doug 5 years ago and knew he was the right guy for the job. He replaced me as the VP of Sales and thank goodness he did. Doug is the "Ying" to the Carson "Yang". He is well organized, as well as compassionate with the sales team and the designers. 

Mike Graham – Mike used to work for a competitor and we kept his card for about 5 years before we called him. Good timing, because the other company was getting bought out and Mike was ready for a career change. Mike used his industry knowledge to get us back into the healthcare market and we have been cruising ever since. 

Judi Jump – Judi actually worked for Dave Carson, as an interior designer before we hired her. In our infancy, we needed a designer really bad. Judi took the job and has brought such a professional and calming demeanor to Xybix. Thanks for keeping us all grounded Judi!    

All of this is not to be outshined by the wonderful Xybix customers we have gotten to know over the last 28 years.

As you can see, what we actually build here is a family. When we started building this Xybix family, we realized that working together with this team is what make us... well, us! Back in 1991 we had no idea we would grow into the company we are today. Overall, being 28 is pretty cool and a perfect time for us to show gratitude for where we have come from as well as reflect on where we are headed. 

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