The Eureka Moment that Led to Rollervision

Posted by Doug Herman on Feb 22, 2021 8:32:47 AM





A real Xybix client’s low-tech solution to achieving proper focal depth before Rollervision™

Years ago, Xybix owners Kenny and Barry Carson spotted a hot trend. More monitors. Bigger monitors. Curved monitors. But all that screen real estate does nothing if you can’t position the monitors within your line of sight.

Barry Carson was thinking about the challenge of properly positioning an array of heavy monitors while watching his son Rollerblade on the driveway. Aha, he thought, we need wheels so anyone can quickly adjust monitors to the 10” focal depth that meets the ANSI standard. And the patented Rollervision™ technology was born. (At the same time, Barry solved a San Francisco client’s request to prevent monitors from crashing to the floor during an earthquake. With Rollervision™, the monitors are all mounted to the desk and the desks are bolted to subflooring with seismic anchoring.)

Watch Kenny Carson explain how users can quickly and easily make ergonomic adjustments to even the bulkiest array of monitors with Rollervision™.

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