The Effort-Free Way to Track Your Health Goals

Posted by Ken Carson on Dec 28, 2021 7:24:31 AM


Desk Track Calories

We’ve been through a lot these last couple years, so let’s give ourselves a break in 2022. Rather than a resolution to return to your fighting weight, how about committing to simply moving more for your overall health? Even light movement benefits your muscles, bones, joints, brain, heart and lungs. And if a few pounds fall away in the process, all the better.

Here’s the thing: To increase your movement—and calories burned—you need to start with a baseline and then move up from there. This means tracking, preferably with digital tools, which are proven to help people stay engaged and lose more weight. In fact, according to Healthline, “A new study led by a Stanford Medicine researcher makes at least one thing clear: No matter which weight loss tactic you choose, you’re typically more successful if you track your progress with digital health tools.”

But let me say it again: I suggest tracking to increase your movement level rather than resolving to a New Year, New You of dramatic weight loss or marathon ready lungs. Maybe a more reasonable goal is to increase your movement by 10% in January.

Effort-Free Data from a Smart Desk

Another thing we know about digital fitness tracking is that passive technologies—such as Apple Watches and Fitbits—work better than requiring users to enter data into a website (i.e., work). This is where a smart desk comes in.

Imagine a smart desk that tracks your standing, sitting and calculates calories burned according to your personalized profile. Incorporating our new Axys technology into your next Xybix dispatch console, command & control workstation or healthcare desk gives you just that. Axys_Tablet

Plus, Axys offers personalized one-touch settings for desktop height, lighting, heating/cooling and more through a simple desktop, tablet or phone app. For 8- to 12-hour shifts in crucial roles, adjusting settings throughout the day ensures proper ergonomics and personal comfort while providing effort-free fitness tracking data.

An Extra Kick from a Health Treadmill or Bike

If you do want a more intensity in your movement at work, consider adding a shared console with a Health Treadmill or Bike. Check out this inspiring story on our Health Treadmill. Reach out anytime for more information on Axys and Health Treadmills/Bikes. We are here to help.

Here’s wishing you all a happy and safe 2022!


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