Dispatchers Dish on Benefits of New Desks

Posted by Doug Herman on Nov 29, 2023 7:18:25 AM


Aurora 911 Dispatchers Dish on Benefits of New Desks

At Xybix, we’re happy to share with you all the cool features of our ergonomic sit-to-stand dispatch consoles. Our consoles are packed with tried-and-true basics plus innovative new options designed specifically for the long hours and stressful shifts that dispatchers typically experience. But we know it’s better for you to hear it straight from other dispatchers, so we talked to a few employees at Aurora 911 after a significant remodel that included new Xybix consoles, a new layout from a Xybix designer, and new paint and carpeting.

Managing a Half-Million Calls

Aurora, CO., an eastern suburb of Denver with a population near 400,000, is the third largest city in the state. Aurora 911 takes roughly 500,000 calls each year, dispatching police, fire, rescue, or emergency medical responders as needed. You can see from their recruiting video how much the dispatchers truly care about their community with comments such as:

“Helping people is priceless.”

“Being able to help people is one of the greatest joys in life.”

“This is my purpose. I was put on this earth to help others.”

“The job is stressful but rewarding…I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

These dedicated dispatchers shared how their new consoles help them get through the day, whether it’s the sit-to-stand options, the customizable lighting, or the personal climate controls.

New Furniture a Game Changer

An ergonomic dispatch console is vital to preventing musculoskeletal injuries for people who work long shifts at computers. But dispatchers barely mention this as what they really love is the comfort of Xybix consoles. Highlights from our video interviews follow; be sure take a moment to watch the full interviews when you have a chance.

Giovanii: “This furniture is very much a game changer. You can even change the lights. Personally, I like blue…. My favorite part of the furniture is the versatility of it—having so many options to get as comfortable as you can for these long hours we have.”

Rosalie: “The best part is the ability to personalize the console to you. You can actually sign in to the console and it’s already pre-programmed to your liking.”

: "I love that we can change the colors, especially on your moods—if you want to make it more soothing on one of those days that’s just super busy…. With all the functions that it has, it makes it very easy for us to be here, especially because we’re here so many hours a day. It just makes it feel more comfortable for us. Instead of having to go get a blanket we can put a heater on.”

Joey: “It really does feel like home—a home away from home. You have to be in a safe place to want to do this job…. The furniture has been just a real blessing in for us in the center. In turn, it helps others who are calling in. I get to be more engaged and adding value to people rather than thinking, ‘Ugh I don’t want to sit anymore.’”

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