Dispatch Console Trends for 2018

Posted by Kathleen Utley on Feb 9, 2018 4:32:45 PM


giphy-downsized (25).gifWhile I can’t predict the future, I have seen a few trends develop in the dispatch console and furniture arena over the last 7+ years in the industry. I can’t tout that I know everything, but I have picked up on a few things just by listening and paying attention.

A new year is a great time to make note of any recent changes in the industry, as it’s a time when everyone is focused on advancement and improvement. Based on what I’ve personally noticed, here are four dispatch console trends I've seen:

Promises for Quick Turnaround Time

One trend I’ve seen is the constant competition for the quickest turnaround time. Whoa, Nelly! That sounds like a red flag to me. If someone is promising you a quick turnaround time to install from the time of the initial purchase order, odds are that something is going to be incorrect or the product isn’t really being made specifically for you (think heat lamp for french fries). Yikes! If the process is rushed, you most likely won’t end up with exactly what you hope for.

The Trend of White

Designing with white is a new development in the dispatch world, but really, I think clean lines and ergonomics are what manufacturers are trying to achieve with this latest fad. I also know that dispatch comm centers can be DIRTY places. Think of it like having a car that’s the perfect color, so when it snows and you get all of that nasty stuff on your car, the color helps your vehicle continue to look clean. The same concept can be applied in the dispatch center. The right colors can really help keep it clean, and other colors, such as white, will show every bit of dust and dirt.

Single-Surface or Double

It sounds like I’m talking about burgers here, but I’m not! I’ve seen the trend of single-surface consoles come into the industry recently. Some people say that they need more space to spread their belongings out, or they need more room so that their pens don’t fall off of their desks. I get it! I have a single-surface height-adjustable desk at my office, and I have stuff all over it. I also feel like I am missing out on a truly customizable piece of furniture. Basically, I think of it as I could have one adjustment piece or two, and in this case, I want two.

Treadmills in the Comm Center

Finally, let’s talk about (to steal a line from a friend) the “gosh darn” treadmills! This, my friends, is a trend that has been all over the place. Reactions to treadmills in the Comm Center have ranged between, “Oh my gosh! I have to have that!” to “Uh, there is no way my Comm Center would get that for us!”

I’ve heard the hearsay about people getting so sweaty that they stink up their whole centers, but I’ve also heard the incredible stories of weight loss, health, and success. To treadmill or not to treadmill boils down simply to what works for some Comm Centers might not work for others.

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