Celebrate the New Year by Committing to Do One More Thing

Posted by Doug Herman on Jan 4, 2023 7:14:13 AM



First, let me say Happy New Year along with a heartfelt Thank You to our loyal customers and our prospective customers. I’m honored that we’re able to make your challenging jobs in dispatch, healthcare, operations and other 24/7 mission-critical functions just a little bit easier.

As we head into the New Year and everyone talks about resolutions, I want to share a little advice. I’m not a fitness expert or a productivity expert. But as a husband, father, son, sales professional and part-time actor, I do consider myself an expert at building a happy, healthy and productive life. Here’s my common-sense advice to improving your life:

Commit to doing one more thing a day.

Do one more thing each day that improves your physical, social or emotional life—something that makes you feel good. Maybe you’ll build a habit, and maybe you’ll want do more. Unlike a massive resolution such as “organize the entire house” or “run two miles every day,” this approach brings little bursts of success that inspire me. I’m a list maker, so I made a list of opportunities that includes:

  • Reach out to one friend or family member who I’m not in regular contact with, knowing that even a quick connection by phone or text enriches us both.
  • Turn my phone off for one hour of digital detox so I’m not multitasking while talking to my wife, watching Yellowstone or eating dinner.
  • Learn how to use one piece of technology I already own—like save scenes with my Xybix workstation or program my TV remote.
  • Actually take advantage of the health data from one of my wearables, such as an Apple Watch.
  • Eat one more vegetable each day—beyond the olive in my Martini—in hopes of finding a new favorite and enjoying all the benefits I heard about from mom.
  • Meditate for one minute to reduce stress and improve my health.
  • Set a timer to stretch one time every hour, whether it’s shoulder rolls, neck rolls, leg extensions, wrist rotation or twists (click here for guidance).
  • Do one task at high intensity for three minutes—whether it’s shopping for groceries or walking the dog—to reap a 40% lower risk of premature death.

I know I can’t commit to doing all these things every day, but I can commit to doing one more thing from my list. I encourage you to make a list that suits your needs and preferences. Maybe you need to check your bank account more regularly to get a handle on spending, give yourself permission to read for 30 minutes each day or network with colleagues to enhance your career. With my “one more thing” philosophy, I hope 2023 is the year we can all avoid Quitters Day!

Happy New Year!

P.S. I must remind you to use all the features of your Xybix workstation that promote both health and productivity, including alternating between sitting and standing with your desktop at just the right height for you, adjusting your screens to the proper viewing depth and angle, and taking advantage of any personal lighting and climate adjustments you have.


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